February 1, 2018

NVIDIA Edge Program Recipients - January 2018

By Amanda Bott

In partnership with NVIDIA, Epic Games created the NVIDIA Edge program to recognize and reward developers with high-end hardware for creating visually impressive work in Unreal Engine. Each project selected will receive a GTX 1080 Ti. Remember, if you’ve entered and your project hasn’t been selected, we encourage you to re-enter at any time.

Congrats to this month’s recipients!

Red Matter - Vertical Robot


Red Matter is a gorgeous, story-driven VR puzzle adventure game set during a dystopian sci-fi Cold War, in development by Vertical Robot, where you take on the role of an astronaut dispatched to an abandoned moon base on a frozen, faraway planet.

Coffee Shop - Imersys


This trendy Coffee Shop visualization is one of many beautiful projects that the team from Imersys has created. Imersys specializes in AR and VR development, showcasing their talents in educational, training, visualization, and tourism projects.

Action Sandbox Game - Santeri Oksanen


While still a work in progress, Santeri Oksanen’s action sandbox game boasts incredible visuals, with an expansive environment. Follow him on Twitter to view even more WIP images and videos.

Many thanks to the Unreal Engine community for sharing the beautiful results of your work with us. It is always difficult to select only three recipients each month. You all continually wow and amaze our team.

Want to submit your project?

Head over to the NVIDIA Edge hub for the details on how to submit your work.

Good luck!