September 10, 2018

NVIDIA Edge Program Recipients - August 2018

By Amanda Bott

In an effort to recognize developers that produce visually outstanding works in Unreal Engine and reward them with high-end hardware, Epic Games partners with NVIDIA to offer the NVIDIA Edge Program through which selected teams receive a GTX 1080 Ti.

Congrats to this month’s recipients! Remember, if you’ve entered in the past, but your project hasn’t been selected, we encourage you to re-enter at any time.

UnrealMadrid - Toni Villalba Corominas

In a solo effort to hone his skills, Toni Villalba Corominas created a gorgeous apartment scene, inspired by the “light of a summer's afternoon in Madrid.” UnrealMadrid, which is downloadable in its entirety, includes three gameplay modes and variety of interactive objects in the scene. Download and explore the scene for yourself!

PROZE VR - SignSine

Set in a Cold-War era research facility, players will encounter anomalies, solve puzzles and search for answers surrounding the mysteries of the military facility in PROZE, an exciting VR survival adventure developed by SignSine. You can jump into the shoes of Soviet engineer Anatoly now in PROZE: Prologue, a free prequel, and explore the events leading up to the main storyline. The first chapter of PROZE is coming this November.

House in the Hollow - PhilDoes3D

A multimedia artist and frequent streamer, Phil is in the heart of creating a beautiful UE4 cinematic, "House In The Hollow.” Follow along its development on his Twitch channel to see his progress and learn some tips and tricks along the way.


Wow! There is so much incredible talent on display from the Unreal Engine community. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

Want to submit your project?

Head over to the NVIDIA Edge hub for the details on how to submit your work. If you’ve entered previously, but haven’t been a winner thus far, we encourage you to re-apply to the program.

Good luck!