Now available: video guide on using the MetaHuman facial rig

February 17, 2021
Last week, we shared a sneak peek at MetaHuman Creator, our new cloud-streamed app for creating high-fidelity real-time humans in minutes. While MetaHuman Creator is not yet available, we’ve already provided two fully finished sample humans for you to explore, modify, and use in your Unreal Engine 4.26.1 or later projects.

Like all MetaHumans that you’ll download in the future, these samples come fully rigged and ready for animation in Unreal Engine. The MetaHuman facial rig consists of an extensive set of controls to enable you to create a full range of human expressions—everything from the most subtle smirk to the broadest grin—and mouth positions for speech.

In this presentation, Cubic Motion’s Adam Walton takes you through using each and every control in the facial rig. He also explains which ones work well together and which should be considered mutually exclusive. From raising eyebrows to flaring nostrils or clenching jaws, you’ll find out exactly what to tweak to get the pose you want.
We hope you find this video guide useful. Stay tuned for more videos in the future!

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