Notice for UE4 Subscribers Using PayPal

By Dana Cowley

Unreal Engine 4 subscribers using PayPal for payment recently received an email from PayPal indicating that their UE4 subscription has been cancelled. This cancellation was caused by a bug in our website back-end code that was triggered on Tuesday, August 4th. We were able to work with PayPal to reverse our mistake without any user action.

We’re sorry for any confusion, and have credited all affected subscribers with one free month of UE4 subscription.

Here’s What Happened

We began a major update to our online infrastructure on August 4th around 1:30pm PT. This was the biggest and most complex update we’ve rolled out since the launch of the UE4 subscription model. During the process of updating, a bug in our code was triggered, accidentally cancelling all recurring PayPal-based subscription payments. We have since then worked with PayPal to reverse the cancelation.

What Will Epic Do to Prevent This from Happening Again?

We’re working on a better system for testing changes to our website prior to rolling them out publicly.

Thank you for your patience and understanding regarding this error on our part. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us at billing@unrealengine.com.

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