New Unreal Engine tutorials for November

Ready to fine tune your Unreal Engine skills? This month, we’ve got a whole range of courses covering everything from how to create believable facial animations to tips on debugging your Blueprints. Let’s dive right in!

Blueprint Communication

In this course, you’ll learn how to create more efficient projects by dividing and organizing your Blueprints by functionality. We’ll take a look at how to modify Blueprint Components and how to create seamless communication between Level Objects and Object Blueprints.

How to Light an Exterior Architectural Scene

Ready to learn about lighting exterior scenes? This course explores the use of Post-Process Volumes to control the final look of scenes. Learn how to emulate real-life exterior lighting with Lumen and Atmospheric Components, and adjust your final scene with volumetric and post-processing effects.

Blueprint Debugging

Bugs in your Blueprints? Fear not. This course will teach you various methods to identify and resolve them. We’ll look at Print String, Breakpoints, Debugger Window, and Debug Shapes to see Blueprints running in real time, then use Enabling/Disabling Nodes to isolate bugs for efficient troubleshooting.

Build Gameplay Mechanics for a Collectible Item Game

In this course, you’ll learn how to create a single-player collectible item game featuring a pick-up and delivery mechanic. We’ll use Blueprints to track player inventory and define a win condition, and UMG to show the player key information in a heads-up display (HUD). Take a look!

Hour of Code: Unreal Engine - Build Your First 3D Game

Want to start making video games, but not sure where to begin? This is the course for you. Learn how to build your first 3D platform game in Unreal Engine here.

Faceware Analyzer

Faceware provides tools to create believable facial animations. In this course, you’ll learn how to capture and edit footage for Faceware, track an actor’s facial performance in Analyzer, and train Analyzer for batch processing multiple recordings of the same performer.

Faceware Retargeter

Discover how to use Retargeter to apply tracking data onto a MetaHuman character’s Facial Rig, and then import that animation into Unreal Engine.

Implementing UI for Level Design

Need a hand with level design? We’ve got your back. This course explores the use of objective markers to guide players through complex levels and sequential events. Learn how to create UMG objective markers that display on a player’s heads-up display (HUD) and call functions in a Widget Blueprint to trigger events in the level.

Camera Framework Essentials for Games

Take this course and learn how to use C++ and Blueprint to create polished in-game cameras. We’ll examine different camera types in Unreal Engine—Static, Dynamic, and Active—and explore Spring Arms, Camera Shakes, and transitioning between multiple Camera View Targets.

Performance Animation and Motion Capture

Want to learn how to stream live character performances into Unreal Engine? First, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the performance capture tools the engine provides—and what they do. Find out in this tutorial.

Animating in Engine Tutorial: How to make a Character Picker

In this tutorial, you’ll explore how to use Editor Utility Widgets to create a Character Picker for animating a Control Rig in Sequencer.

Control Rig Resources

Want to become a Control Rig master? Take a look at this collection of Control Rig resources including courses, Unreal Engine and Python documentation, and blog posts.
That’s all folks! There are new courses added to the Epic Developer Community every month. They’re free—and many relate to in-demand skills that can get you work or advance your career.

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