New Unreal Engine online courses for Editor fundamentals, archviz, and more

Ready for some more Unreal learning topics? This month, we’ve got four brand new online courses to dive into.

Explore the fundamentals of Unreal Engine’s Material Editor, learn how to use audio effectively in games, gain new skills for VR walkthroughs of architectural visualizations, and much more. 

Our newest courses are ready and waiting for you below!

3D Map Navigation in VR

In this course, you’ll find out how to create a 3D map and motion controller-based navigation system for architectural models in virtual reality. 
We explore how VR can be used as a design medium to engage an audience in an architectural showcase and look at developing easy-to-use mechanics for end users with typical hardware setups.

Unreal Editor Fundamentals - Materials

Dive into Unreal Engine's Physically Based Rendering (PBR) system and explore the key properties that make up PBR Materials and Surfaces.

In this course, we jump into the Material Editor to look at some of the core toolsets used to assemble Master Materials, then show you how to create a base Master Material of your own. 

Dynamic Audio

Discover how to use audio in response to dynamic game events and conditions. 

First, we take a look at how to use game variables to swap out audio and to control the volume of audio layers. Then, we explore how to trigger sounds from object movement and how to add sounds to animations, character movement, particles, and physics events. 

Teaching with Fortnite Creative

Students love playing games like Fortnite. Now, they can enjoy learning history, math, science, or social studies while they play and create! This course will get you up and running with Fortnite Creative and help you bring interactive 3D into your classroom.

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