December 15, 2014

New Training Videos: Blueprint Time Attack Tutorial

By Wes Bunn

If you’re anything like me, you love games that allow you to show off to your friends either by having a character that is decked out in loots you’ve earned, your impeccable win/loss record or kill/death ratio, a high score you’ve achieved, or in this case, your best time at something - a time that you know your friends cannot beat!

In this video series, done entirely in Blueprints, you’ll learn how to create the foundation for a Time Attack style race through a series of checkpoints where the Best Lap and Best Overall Race Times are saved as the “time to beat” for you or your friends. 

Watch the whole playlist

We’ll start from a fresh project (well, semi-fresh as we’ll l use the Blueprint Vehicle Template as our starting point, no need to reinvent the wheel) and create a lap and checkpoint system, then work on passing the lap and time information to a HUD. Next, we’ll define the logic to determine if a new Best Lap or Best Overall Race Time has been achieved and finally, set up a Save System to save your Best Lap and Best Overall Times.

By the end of the series, you’ll have a starting point for a race and can add your own visual pieces of flair to make it your own. You could even look at the Blueprint Network Tutorials to figure out how to make this race a networked game.

We’d love to see what you do with this and, as always, if you have any feedback or comments, be sure to do so below or on our forums