New Release: Animation Starter Pack AND Kenney.nl 2D Platformer Pack

By Deke Waters

Today we're launching not ONE, but TWO new content packs for FREE on the Marketplace for all Unreal Engine 4 subscribers!

Animation Starter Pack

First up, the Animation Starter Pack, a fully featured set of animations created by Epic's own Lead Animator Matthew Russell. This set gives you 62 realistic animations to add to your prototypes, mods, full games, or simply use them to learn. Matthew built these animations for use on any character built with the Epic Skeleton. That means you can use them on many of the characters available in the Marketplace, now and in the future!

2D Platformer Pack

For those of you working in 2D, or looking to learn more, Kenney Vleugels of Kenney.nl is offering his beautiful 2D Platformer Pack for free on Marketplace! Kenney worked directly with our engineers to help ensure the UE4 Paper2D plugin was robust enough to build a full game by… building a full game with it!

"Creating 2D animations in Unreal Engine couldn't be easier, just draw and drop your frames into the animation window and you're done! I managed to animate all the players and enemies in the pack within an hour." – Kenney Vleugels, Kenney.nl

Kenney included everything you'll need to build a platformer game from the ground up. Use his set of tiles, UI assets, enemies and characters alone, or add them to an existing project to build an extra layer of variety to your own game.

"I was surprised that Unreal Engine was so easy to use, especially with the new Blueprint system even non-programmers like myself can get a game going in no-time. It certainly changed the way I think of Unreal Engine." – Kenney Vleugels, Kenney.nl

Tiles vary from grass, sand and snow to dirt and stone. Doors, switches, chains, foliage, boxes and signs are just some of the other items you'll find ready to use for your game. Each character has poses for standing, jumping, ducking, getting hurt, walking, climbing a ladder and swimming. Over 15 different enemies each have animations for standing, walking and dying.

We hope you enjoy these two free asset packs, and look forward to seeing where you take them with your own games. Be sure to stop by the forums to ask questions, discuss, or show us how you're using them!

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