New online courses: VR game development for Oculus

September 16, 2020
From play-at-home VR games to location-based experiences, many developers—from Polyarc to ILMxLAB—have already leveraged Unreal Engine to create award-winning VR experiences for Oculus headsets.

With so many possibilities for VR games, we are excited to announce a brand new learning path for VR development with Oculus and Unreal Engine. The Unreal Online Learning portal is now offering 12 free courses to take you from concept to building and finishing your VR game.

Oculus headsets, including Quest and Rift S, are consistently on the top-ranked lists of VR headsets. Couple that with the open nature and advanced features of Unreal Engine, and it’s easy to see how working with Oculus and UE opens up an incredible range of possibilities.
The new course series, VR Development with Oculus and Unreal Engine, includes step-by-step instructions on how to prepare your content; incorporate locomotion, interaction, and sound; implement your UI; optimize for speed; and finish up your game for submission to the Oculus Store.

Get started today, and bring those ideas to reality—virtual reality, that is—with these exciting new courses.

    Start learning today!

    Access the VR Development with Oculus and Unreal Engine course and get the skills to develop VR games for Oculus headsets.
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