New Forrester Consulting study: how game engines benefit business

Four years ago, Epic Games commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study that explored trends in real-time rendering across media and entertainment, manufacturing, and architecture. The responses revealed that many businesses were planning to implement real-time solutions over the following 12 months.  

Since that study, we’ve watched as businesses from film studios to architecture practices have started to embed real-time tools in their day-to-today processes. 

We recently asked Forrester Consulting to produce a follow-up study that explores the business benefits that have been gained by these companies. 

The results paint a fascinating picture of the competitive advantages companies are gaining from the adoption of real-time tools across different areas of work. 

Cost-efficiency, time savings, improved collaboration, and greater productivity are just some of the benefits that have convinced 85% that game engine technology is very important to their company’s future.

Intrigued? Explore the rest of the findings for yourself now. 

Business benefits and competitive advantages 

Forrester Consulting surveyed 2,287 decision-makers at organizations spanning architecture, automotive, manufacturing, engineering, media and entertainment, and training and simulation from across the globe. 

The survey found that adopters of real-time tools are benefiting from enhanced productivity, improved ROI, and a better ability to scale. 

Real-time technology is clearly now seen as a way to modernize companies—by improving processes for greater efficiency and better results; by increasing collaboration and interactivity; and by providing greater transparency to stakeholders and customers. 

Many firms now recognize that using real-time technology gives their business a competitive advantage. The ability to complete a project in a fraction of the time taken using traditional methods significantly reduces costs. 

Collaborating with stakeholders in a highly iterative and interactive environment lowers the risk of design misunderstandings. 

With technology driving change across industries at an exponential rate, companies adopting real-time tools are finding efficiencies that will put their business in a better position to meet the challenges of the future. 

New frontier of opportunity

Leveraging real-time workflows to improve day-to-day processes is just the start. We're heading for the transmedia era, in which digital assets are reused across an entire pipeline, from the design process right through to marketing, taking on a new life in virtual worlds, location-based VR entertainment, and on 3D billboards. 

81% of respondents in our survey believe the metaverse will create new opportunities for their company to grow. 

With consumers and audiences spending more time in virtual worlds like Fortnite, Meta, and Roblox, there’s a whole new frontier of opportunity opening up for business. And that means the companies investing in real-time technology today are futureproofing their business for tomorrow. 

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