MetaSounds in UE5: From Miniguns to Music

Unreal Engine 5's MetaSounds represent a complete redesign of audio inside Unreal Engine and presents an amazing opportunity for all creators. Imagine thinking of audio in the same way as surface materials! Developers can leverage MetaSounds to add complexity and variation to their audio or even generate completely procedural systems with sample-accurate timing and control at the audio-buffer level.
Join Unreal Engine Evangelist Chris Murphy as he takes you from Miniguns to Music with MetaSounds in Unreal Engine 5! This explosive 30-minute development demonstration walks newcomers through some of the cool features of MetaSounds and how to go about implementing them in their own projects.

    Get Unreal Engine 5 Early Access

    If you’re an existing Unreal Engine user, you can get UE5 Early Access and the Valley of the Ancient sample project from the Epic Games Launcher. If you’re new to Unreal Engine, we suggest getting to know UE 4.26 as a first step.