MegaGrants Week 2023 starts today!

Since they debuted, there’s been a lot of talk about MegaGrants: 

“What is a MegaGrant?”

“How do I get one?”

“What are they being used for?”

These questions come up all the time. And while this has been going on, incredible things have been happening. 1,800+ MegaGrants have been given out to artists, companies, and developers all over the world. That community has connected in the meantime over Discord, sharing thoughts, tips, and inspiring stories to help move projects along. And those projects, well, they’re honestly changing how the world perceives real-time technology. 

Across the globe, MegaGrant recipients are pioneering new projects, products, and methods in a whole range of industries, showing people how far they can take a dream if they put their mind to it. It’s impressive to watch. So impressive, we decided to dedicate a whole week to it.
And it starts today!

During MegaGrants Week, you’ll get:
  • Deep dives into all four projects from our Global MegaGrants Spotlight video (prepare to be inspired).
  • A MegaGrants-focused INSIDE UNREAL episode, where we'll host a Q&A with a wonderful panel of recipients to find out more about their journeys. We'll also give you tips on what makes us say “yes” to a MegaGrant application.
  • The debut episode of Unreal Engine: Learning From Games (UELFG), a new livestream where we play a game with a developer and talk to them about the creation process.
  • Insights on running transmedia studios, creating real-time animation, and doing big things with a small team.
For the latest updates/articles, make sure to bookmark our MegaGrants Week event page. And if you want to apply for a MegaGrant, just visit our new MegaGrants landing page, which has all the specifics.

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