May Marketplace sale: get 70% off over 2,000 products

Medieval Gothic Cathedral - Modular dark fantasy church | Naked Singularity Studio
From now until May 23, we have over 2,000 Marketplace products on sale for 70% off.

To give you a taste of what’s in store, we’ve picked out nine hidden gems below. Take a look—you might find just the right fit for your latest idea.

After that, there’s the rest of the sale to explore. You’ll find everything you need to get a project humming along, including systems, props, characters, environments, effects, sounds, music, Blueprints, and more.
At once hauntingly beautiful and dramatically eerie, this dark fantasy church pack will send a shiver down your spine. Comprising high-quality modular assets, it contains an array of meshes, materials, and textures for creating a gothic medieval cathedral. Enter if you dare—your character can walk inside the building and even descend into the creepy dungeon.
The sky’s the limit with this complete weather solution that includes a dynamic day and night cycle. Designed for realism and maximum performance, the system is 100% multiplayer-ready and super-easy to set up—just drag the Blueprint into your level and it will work instantly. Features include dynamic rain, thunder, fog, and ground puddles; a volumetric cloud system; a realistic moon cycle; and more.
Civilization has crumbled and nature has reclaimed the cities in this post-apocalyptic urban environment pack. Pull on your gas mask and explore these two huge environments—a swampy industrial zone and post-apocalyptic square—that include 1,700 unique meshes, 820 materials and material instances, and 1,015 textures.
Something serious has gone down in this mysterious abandoned bunker. Packed full of carefully crafted assets and materials that have been optimized for games, this pack includes 27 high-quality props to help you dress your scene. Get started with a pre-built environment consisting of various rooms and areas, or easily create your own environment layouts using the modular assets.
Take a trip to the back of beyond with this desolate ghost town-themed road generator. A powerful tool for games or cinematic projects, you can quickly generate realistic and dynamic roads, curbs, sidewalks, guardrails, road signs, road lines, and power line systems simply by dragging and dropping the Blueprint into your project.
Fully rigged and ready for action, this fearsome modular Viking character comes with a selection of options for clothing, footwear, headwear, and weapons. The asset includes facial expressions (morph targets and blendshapes) and you can apply facial motion capture to produce your own bespoke facial animation.          
Exquisitely detailed and evocatively lit, this AAA-quality Japanese temple pack features game-ready assets, textures, materials, particles, and decals. The project includes a number of modular components, and leverages vertex snapping for precise assembly. Set against a brooding, rain-swollen sky, this is an asset that will bring drama and beauty to any scene. 
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a flying fantasy town comprised of detailed and carefully textured modular assets. Create your own flying (or earthbound) fantasy environments that include ivy-covered houses, rocky outcrops, rope bridges, trees, vegetation, ponds, and more. The pack also comes with a wide range of furniture and clutter to create medieval fantasy interiors.
Repetitive material tiling is the bane of realism in virtual environments. Fortunately, this tool has the answer, enabling you to remove tiling repetition on any texture and create complex effects directly in material. Create your own optimized materials from this extensive library of master materials, material functions, and masks—or break down the example materials provided.
That’s it for now, and as always, remember to act quickly. The discounts end on May 23 at 9:59 AM ET

Happy shopping!

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