July 23, 2014

Matinee Fight Scene Released on Marketplace

By Dana Cowley

Many folks are already familiar with the Reflections Subway, built to showcase UE4’s rendering power and capabilities to produce pretty reflections within a wet and gritty environment. This particular showcase has been available for free to UE4 subscribers on Marketplace for several months.

One thing we’ve been missing up until now is an awesome UE4 Matinee demo, so we jumped on the chance to use this popular scene for a cinematic learning experience.

In particular, Epic’s senior cinematic designer Michael Clausen was been inspired by the reflections map, and wanted to make a cinematic for it, so he enlisted the help of senior visual effects artist Tim Elek and senior animator Gavin Moran.

We’ll talk about this much more in-depth on tomorrow’s Twitch stream, but the long and short of it is that we built a Matinee cinematic on top of the reflections scene using characters imported from our Samaritan demo.

In addition, this is the PC demo we modified to create our Rivalry demo for Android L, which was recently featured in the Google I/O keynote.

For developers, this means you can now download all of that PC content for free from Marketplace if you’re an active UE4 subscriber. You can examine how the characters are created, take the cinematic apart and re-edit it, adjust the pace of the action, shoot it with your own cameras, the list goes on! Basically, you’re free to dissect everything here and just have fun with it.

Also, as with our previously released free sample games and content on Marketplace for subscribers, UE4 developers are welcome to use this content for their own projects.

Feel free to ask questions and chat with us in the forums. We hope to see you tomorrow on Twitch.tv/UnrealEngine at 2pm EDT.