A Japanese alley environment pack | MAYBULL Studios

Marketplace Seller Spotlight Sale: special selections, up to 70% off

Unreal Engine Marketplace Team
Every once in a while, we handpick a group of sellers to feature in a special sale, giving devs access to even more high-quality, curated assets at excellent prices! This month, those savings go up to 70%, which is never bad—especially for projects on a budget.

In all, we’ve got hundreds of Marketplace products to choose from. And since that’s a lot, we picked out a few of our favorites and put them down below. That should give you a good head start.

We hope you find something great!

EIN Stylized Dwarven | EinStudio

Seller Spotlight Dwarven
Heroes, warriors, and royalty—start building up your game with rigged dwarves that look destined for a classic action-adventure title or strategic turn-based RPG.

Dark Temple | woox Factory

Seller Spotlight Japanese Dark Temple
You just know bad things go down in this temple. Tap into the power of black marble and metal with an ominous setting that’s perfect for rituals and lairs alike.

Frank RPG Gunslinger | Frank climax

Seller Spotlight Japanese Gunslinger
With 75 diverse motions set to 60fps, this gunslinger animation pack is tailor-made for role-playing games that prioritize dynamic action over meticulous realism.

Cyberpunk SkyCity | VineBranch

Seller Spotlight Japanese Cyberpunk
Fashion futuristic backdrops for a world that’s figured out flying cars! 64 modular meshes, Substance Painter materials, and volumetric clouds are waiting to help you out.

Restaurant Kitchen Props v.01 | Park Jong Myoung

Seller Spotlight Restaurant
Grab this and you’ll have 65 ways to make a commercial kitchen look real, including the wear & tear a sous knows by heart.

Geometry Floor VFX Pack | Coreb Games

Seller Spotlight Geometry Floor
Transform your virtual landscapes with 42 interactive/customizable floor effects that look endlessly futuristic. 

RTS Mini Legion Human PBR | Dungeon Mason

Seller Spotlight Mini Legion
Start populating mobile RTS and MOBA battles at a moment’s notice, using over 50 animations destined to help characters celebrate, charge, and perish in fine form. Choose from mages, knights, horsemen, and more, as you build up a little legion of your own.

A Japanese alley environment pack | MAYBULL Studios

Seller Spotlight Japanese Alley
Looking for a Japanese-inspired setting for your project? Explore this atmospheric rainy alley filled with detailed props, dynamic lighting, and the delicate charm of flowering cherry blossoms.

That’s it for now, and as always, remember to act quickly. The discounts end on June 13 at 11:59 EDT.

Happy shopping!

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