April 28, 2015

Marketplace Sale extended to Sunday!

By Jon Jones

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Good news -- last week's Marketplace sale has been doing so well that we're extending it to this Sunday, May 3! Check out the awesomeness below, and read a few words from the creators behind them. 

If you're a fan of top-notch quality interiors, then behold the glory of Modular SciFi Hallways by Jonathon Frederick:

Modular SciFi Hallways

I'm a big fan of cleverly designed modular content, and this is a great example of it. Even better, Jonathon Frederick is building an entire series of modular content, which will only increase the value of this pack over time. Here are a few words from the author:

Hi, I’m Jonathon Frederick, the creator of the Modular SciFi: Hallways pack. When I found out about the UE4 Marketplace, I knew that I wanted to contribute high quality resources for developers to be able to use in their projects. Modular SciFi: Hallways is just the beginning of that. If you’re designing an RPG, shooter, film, or anything that has to deal with the Sci-Fi genre then this pack is for you. It offers high quality, next generation visuals and unparalleled modularity. Tweak up to 4 colors and PBR values per asset to give your environments a personal touch unique to your project. Create sophisticated corridors with 45 modular meshes at your disposal.

The Modular SciFi series is still growing. Packs such as general interiors, props, exteriors, and more thematic oriented offerings are in the works. Each pack will be designed to work flawlessly with one another. My goal is to offer a large resource of next gen, highly modular assets that are ever expanding. Whether through additional packs, free expansion updates as seen last month or asset giveaways – Modular SciFi will be your number one choice for high quality science fiction assets. Here's my website: 


Next we have C-Media Advanced Materials Pack Ed. 1:

C-Media Advanced Materials Pack Ed. 1

C-Media's one of our top sellers, and he has a flair for high-quality, well-presented, flexible and usable content. This pack is no exception. Here are a few words from C-Media about this pack:

When the UE4 Marketplace was first launched I knew that I wanted to create assets that I, myself, would have found useful when first starting out and I also wanted the assets to cover the essentials for just about any project. That's why I chose to start by creating easy to use and easy to modify materials that creators could utilize in their project(s) immediately without any real setup required but still give them the freedom to adjust the instanced parameters to achieve just about anything they envisioned.

I also wanted to make sure that I priced asset packs in the Marketplace so that they are accessible to everyone. The Advanced Material Pack Edition 1 was my very first submission to the UE4 Marketplace and is still by far the most popular that I have released which is why I, along with Epic, have decided to say thank you to the community by putting this pack on sale for 20% off the original price for a limited time so if you have not yet purchased the pack now would be the time to do so!


Finally, we have 50+ Vector Particles by W3 Studios:


50+ Vector Particles by W3 Studios

This pack in particular has been flying off the [virtual] shelves ever since its release. It's built for customization and versatility, and can be modified easily to fit a great number of usage cases. Check out the video! Here are a few words from W3 Studios about the pack:

Hi everybody, Devero here! This week is a great time to jump into the wonderful world of vector field particles with my 50+ Vector Field Particle Pack. I made this pack for easy browsing. It is a valuable learning resource that eliminates the need to learn simulation software like Maya!

Quickly add environmental realism to your scene. If you look at my groundfire, you can see the flames dynamically change as if there is wind blowing them around. Vector fields and wind work very nicely together. Rustling leaves, wave splashes, and frothy witches brew are prime examples of other ways of using this pack!

Read the full blog here or swing by http://www.abatrongame.com/ to see some of my effects in action in our game, Abatron.


This sale goes offline at midnight Sunday night, so hurry up and check these out while you still can! And don't forget to check out the Marketplace public Trello board to see what's coming soon and to vote on what you'd like to see on the Marketplace. Enjoy!


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