August 15, 2014

Marketplace Now Open For Early Submissions

By Tim Sweeney

When Unreal Engine 4 launched, the Marketplace debuted as a means for obtaining free content created by the team here at Epic.

Now, we’re opening up the Marketplace for early submissions of community-created content, both paid commercial content, and free samples and tutorials!

If you’re interested in submitting your work for consideration, please review the Submission Guidelines and the Business Terms, and then go to the Submission Form to get started.

In a few weeks, we’ll begin making the first bits of community-created content available on the Marketplace.   The result should be a robust mix of readily-usable asset packs containing models and materials; sample scenes; sounds; and other useful components.

We’re putting particular emphasis on ensuring consistent content quality, scaling, and usability so that Marketplace assets can mixed and matched in the widest range of projects across multiple genres and visual styles.

These are still the early days of the Marketplace, so please bear with us!  The submission process is managed manually by the Unreal Engine team.  Someday, this will be automated and scalable. For now, though, we can only accept a small number of submissions, representing the highest-quality and the best suited to the UE4 community.

In all, we see this as a great opportunity for skilled content developers to build a new generation of creative works, utilizing the full capabilities of UE4 to target the now-enormous graphical capabilities of today’s popular devices -- ranging from smartphones and tablets to PCs and consoles.  With the public UE4 community less than 6 months old and growing very rapidly, the reputations and content base built starting today will carry forward for many years to come!

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