September 3, 2014

Marketplace: Now Open for Business!

By Deke Waters

The Unreal Engine Marketplace is officially open for business! If you’re a UE4 developer, you can buy and sell community-created premium content for use in your project starting now.

In addition to all of the previously released free content, the new Marketplace is launching with a variety of asset packs including environments, props, characters, sounds, materials, animated meshes, and a number of other asset types. And, thanks to your continued submissions, we have a steady stream of new content coming in.Marketplace MainWhat you see today on the new Marketplace is only the beginning. We’ll continue to add our own Epic-created content, such as complete projects, showcases, demos and tutorials that you can use for learning and for your own projects. In the coming weeks and months you’ll see plenty of updates, new features and new content releases.

As with anything Epic does, we welcome feedback from the community to help drive the evolution of the Marketplace. To get involved now, visit our Marketplace Submissions Trello Board to vote on upcoming asset packs. We’ve also opened a new Marketplace section on our forums for discussions. Of course, the ultimate way to get involved is to start using the Marketplace today!

Do you have an awesome UE4 content pack that you want to sell? Simply fill out our submission form to get started. Not a subscriber? Sign-up today and gain access to the most powerful game engine available.

For more information on Marketplace, please visit