Marketplace Matchup

By Jon Jones

Hello, everyone! We're running a new kind of promotion this week to show you how well particular pieces of Marketplace content can work together to help make your projects awesome, by grouping them along the lines of theme and functionality. Check out the full list below, and if you have any suggestions for content that goes well together, let us know in the Marketplace forums!


Endless dangerous fantasy swords!

If you're developing a fantasy RPG, this set of three is a potent combination! Starting with Over 9000 Swords by Broad Strokes, you have a massive variety of possible swords ready to drop in. But when you combine them with Elemental Magic Pack by tharlevfx, you can add Fire, Lightning, Ice, Arcane, Light, and Dark effects to each sword. And for the satisfying follow-through of a hard chop with a sword, I recommend FXVille Blood VFX Pack by FXVille for blade slices, dismemberment, and decapitations that can detect floor and ceiling, add blood drips and even expanding blood pools. Goretacular!

  • Over 9000 Swords

    Over 9000 Swords

    by Broad Strokes
  • Elemental Magic Pack

    Elemental Magic Pack

    by tharlevfx
  • FXVille Blood VFX Pack

    FXVille Blood VFX Pack

    by FXVille

Stylized jungle combat!

If your game has a slightly stylized visual look and features jungle environments, here's a great set for you! To set up the scene we have the JungleBase Environment by Victor, a set of cliffs, ground pieces, and buildings to create a jungle base. To equip your characters with weapons and items, check out Shooter Starter Graph Pack v1 by Viv, a set of 5 weapons, items, and gameplay elements that match the style. To set the scene and atmosphere, plug in your headphones and listen to Landscape Ambience Sound FX by Dexsoft, a set of 23 soundtracks to fit a wide array of outdoor environments.

  • Shooter Starter Graph Pack v1

    Shooter Starter Graph Pack v1

    by Viv
  • JungleBase Environment

    JungleBase Environment

    by Victor
  • Organic Nature

    Organic Nature

    by ESM Team

Rapid multiplayer shooter prototyping!

It's never been faster or easier to build a first-person or third-person multiplayer shooter! First you start with Generic Shooter Sample Project by Gamemakin LLC to flesh out your gameplay, weapons, multiplayer setup, menu system, and more. Then you can use the SuperGrid Starter Pack by ZeOrb to quickly and easily prototype your levels for playtesting. Now that you have gameplay and levels set up, you can drop in a professional-quality animation set like Movement Animset Pro from Kubold to bring it all to life.

  • Generic Shooter Sample Project

    Generic Shooter Sample Project

    by Gamemakin LLC
  • SuperGrid Starter Pack

    SuperGrid Starter Pack

    by ZeOrb
  • Movement Animset Pro

    Movement Animset Pro

    by Kubold

Medieval fantasy adventures!

If you're developing a Fantasy RPG and need to start building interior and exterior spaces with atmosphere, we have you covered. To start building your exteriors and multi-level interiors, Medieval Village from PolyPixel will get you off to a great start with its 200+ assets and clever modular design for endless variations on multi-level houses with windows, walls, stairs, roofs, and floor pieces.

When it's time to go out adventuring, grab your sword and shield and make your way into Luos's Modular Rocks & Caves. This is a massive, comprehensive set of easy-to-use modular cave pieces to create massive varieties of underground caverns.

After your monster-slaying, perhaps you're looking to warm yourself by the hearth and tip back a tankard of, uh, hot chocolate. Head back into town to visit the Bumping Pub has 49 AAA-quality interior modular assets to work with. Finally, to set the mood, we have Fantasy Music Pack 1 by Michael La Manna, featuring 11 minutes of seamless looping music and sound.

  • Medieval Village

    Medieval Village

    by PolyPixel
  • Bumping Pub

    Bumping Pub

    by Bumping Workshop
  • Luos's Modular Rocks & Caves

    Luos's Modular Rocks & Caves

    by Luos
  • Fantasy Music Pack 1

    Fantasy Music Pack 1

    by Michael La Manna

Horror hospitals and morgues!

It's nearly time for Halloween, and what better way to set the scene for your horror game than in an abandoned hospital? Horror Hospital Pack by Mad-Man has over 100 objects and props to build an abandoned hospital inspired by the post-Communist ruins in Poland. If you want to add additional content to your morgue, we can help with that! Morgue Set by Game-Ready features corpses, bodybags, an autopsy table, stretcher, medical tools, and more. And really, what fun is it creeping through ruins and poking at corpses without a sweet soundtrack? For that we have Horror Atmosphere Vol. 1 by Fyodor Korovkin Vladimirovich which features 28 minutes of music and atmospheric sound effects for your horror games.

  • Horror Hospital Pack

    Horror Hospital Pack

    by Mad-Man
  • BodyBags


    by Game-Ready
  • Horror Atmosphere Vol. 1

    Horror Atmosphere Vol. 1

    by Fyodor Korovkin Vladimirovich

Enjoy the content, and tell your friends! If you have your own suggestions for content that works well together that people should know about, we'd love to hear your recommendations on the Marketplace Forums so we can take your input and plan future sales and promotions. And if you're interested in submitting your own content to the Marketplace, it's never been easier than now! Just sign up in minutes in our new Publishing Portal and start submitting today. We look forward to seeing you! Until next time, friends. Go forth and be productive!

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