October 5, 2015

Marketplace Flash Sale Week

By Jon Jones

Hello, everyone! It's time for another five-day Marketplace flash sale. This time, we're featuring three items from a new seller every day this week, from October 5th to October 9th. Be sure to tune in at 12pm EST to take advantage of each new day's sales!


Monday: PolyPixel

We're starting off the five-day flash sale with three excellent environment art packs from PolyPixel. If you're building outdoor environments or a post-apocalyptic hellscape, PolyPixel has what you're looking for. Their work is consistently professional quality and they provide great customer service to people that purchase their content. If you haven't checked out PolyPixel's work before, now is the time! Each pack is 50% off today only.

  • Country Side

    Country Side

    by PolyPixel
  • Lake Side Cabin

    Lake Side Cabin

    by PolyPixel
  • Post Apocalyptic World

    Post Apocalyptic World

    by PolyPixel

Tuesday: Gentleman Fred FX

If your game features firearms and explosions, nothing than bring them to glorious animated life like a great set of VFX! Here's where Gentleman Fred FX comes in with top-notch quality effects from a AAA VFX artist. On Tuesday we'll be featuring his Bullet VFX Pack, VFX Fire Pack, and VFX Grenade Pack on sale for the first time. Don't miss the videos!

  • Bullet VFX Pack

    Bullet VFX Pack

    by Gentleman Fred FX
  • VFX Fire Pack

    VFX Fire Pack

    by Gentleman Fred FX
  • VFX Grenade Pack

    VFX Grenade Pack

    by Gentleman Fred FX

Wednesday: MaxStudios

MaxStudios is a very talented, clever developer who continually surprises us with his well-built creative Blueprints and materials. If you're building massive, detailed worlds or galaxies, whether you're down on the ground or viewing it at a distance from space, he's created a series of stunning Blueprints with extensive and intuitive customization options. On Wednesday we're featuring two Blueprints and one material pack. See for yourself, and check out the videos!

  • Planetarium Planet Blueprint

    Planetarium Planet Blueprint

    by MaxStudios
  • AutoLandscapeAlpine


    by MaxStudios
  • 32 Seamless Materials

    32 Seamless Materials

    by MaxStudios

Thursday: Evil Mind

A game without music is a game without a soul, and Evil Mind is one of our most prolific publishers of music across a wide variety of genres. On Thursday, we're placing three of his packs on sale for one day only. Be sure to listen to the audio previews!

  • Halloween Audio Kit

    Halloween Audio Kit

    by Evil Mind
  • Horror Audio Bundle

    Horror Audio Bundle

    by Evil Mind
  • Christmas Audio Kit

    Christmas Audio Kit

    by Evil Mind

Friday: Motus Digital LLC

One of the most effective ways to immerse your players in the worlds you create is with high quality character animation, and that's where Motus Digital LLC shines. They've been publishing top quality motion captured animation sets for every type of action you can think of, and we're putting three of our favorites on sale for Friday only. The best part of all is that they're built to the 4.8 skeleton, which means they can be easily used with any 4.8-compatible character on the Marketplace. It's never been easier to get AAA-quality characters and animations in your game than right now with the Unreal Engine Marketplace. Don't miss the video demos of the animations!

  • Mobility MoCap Pack 1

    Mobility MoCap Pack 1

    by Motus Digital LLC
  • Zombie Motion Capture Animations

    Zombie Motion Capture Animations

    by Motus Digital LLC
  • Boxing Motion Capture Animations

    Boxing Motion Capture Animations

    by Motus Digital LLC

Remember, come by every day at 12pm EST to see the latest sale. As always, be sure to check out the Marketplace Forums to see what's coming up next and to make content requests. And if you're interested in submitting your own content to the Marketplace, it's never been easier than now! Just sign up in minutes in our brand-new Publishing Portal and start submitting today. We look forward to seeing you! Until next time, friends. Go forth and be productive.