Marketplace Flash Sale Week

By Jon Jones

Hello, world! The Marketplace team has two exciting announcements this week that'll make both content creators and developers happy. First, we're announcing our brand-new Publishing Portal! We've listened to the community's requests for an easier way to manage their seller profile, banking and tax information, submissions, and more, and it's finally ready to unveil to the world. Check out the new Publishing Portal here: https://publish.unrealengine.com/

The Publishing Portal is a huge win for both Epic and content creators. The path to sign up and start selling amazing Marketplace content has never been shorter or easier, and it’s essentially fulfilling the bulk of the Marketplace community’s wishlist in one fell swoop, demonstrating Epic’s ongoing commitment to and respect for its community. Content creators can now sign up to begin selling Marketplace content in mere minutes. And when it comes to submitting content, content creators now have direct access to submit content into our catalog for review and publishing. In the near future we'll also be opening up sales data to each content creator so you can see in real time how well your content is performing. This is the fastest and easiest it's ever been to sign up to start submitting content to sell on the Marketplace, so sign up today.

The second announcement is that we're doing five days of Marketplace flash sales! Starting on Monday, August 31 at 10am EST we'll be putting three new great Marketplace items on a deeply discounted sale, and we're featuring a new category and new items every day. Be sure to tune in at 10am EST Monday through Friday and get them while they're hot. We specially selected each of these items so that many of them work well when used together to save you even more development time on your projects. Read on below to see what's going up for sale.


Monday: Blueprints

We're starting off the five-day flash sale with Blueprints. Ready to kick off a new project? Check out our Turn-Based Strategy Grids, Realistic Blueprint Weapons, and Quest and Dialogue System. These Blueprints are detailed, highly functional, and well-documented. Check out the videos and see what they can do!

  • Turn Based Strategy Grids

    Turn Based Strategy Grids

    by Zhi Kang Shao
  • Realistic Blueprint Weapons

    Realistic Blueprint Weapons

    by Black Works
  • Quest and Dialogue System

    Quest and Dialogue System

    by Svyatoslav Kokurin

Tuesday: Weapons and Props

Equip your fantasy heroes with stylized or realistic equipment, and stock up on some equipment for your survival game. You never know when you'll need a compass and a crossbow.

  • Fantasy Weapon Pack

    Fantasy Weapon Pack

    by BRAiNBOX/span>
  • Survival Props Pack

    Survival Props Pack

    by PolyPixel
  • Medieval Weapons

    Medieval Weapons

    by HB

Wednesday: Audio

Establish a base set of audio across your whole project, add immersive environmental audio to your outdoor areas and bring your modern weapons to life. Audio is a crucial component in any project, and adds the important elements of immersion and feedback. These three packs were selected specifically to make your project feel real and give the player weight and impact.

  • Universal Sound FX

    Universal Sound FX

    by Imphenzia
  • Steps SFX Pack

    Steps SFX Pack

    by Dexsoft
  • Real Weapon Sound FX

    Real Weapon Sound FX

    by Levan Nadashvili

Thursday: Characters & Animation

Create a wide variety of unique enemies for your project by combining these three packs to generate infinite possibilities: Agents Characters Pack, Movement Animset Pro and Mobility MoCap Pack. Take a look at the agent's customization options, and watch the videos of these terrific motion captured animation sets.

  • Agents Characters Pack

    Agents Characters Pack

    by Batewar
  • Movement Animset Pro

    Movement Animset Pro

    by Kubold
  • Mobility MoCap Pack

    Mobility MoCap Pack

    by Motus Digital LLC

Friday: Environments

Create the Medieval ambiance for your interior fantasy environments, build out your sci-fi spaceships and make a stunning arid desert. These three packs show off how much use you can get out of creatively designed modular environment pieces and props.

  • Medieval Inn and Tavern

    Medieval Inn and Tavern

    by Ennelia Studio
  • Modular SciFi: Interiors

    Modular SciFi: Interiors

    by Jonathon Frederick
  • Arid Desert

    Arid Desert

    by Tris Baybayan

Remember, come by every day at 10am EST to see the latest sale. As always, be sure to check out the Marketplace Forums to see what's coming up next and to make content requests. Until next time, friends. Go forth and be productive!

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