May 18, 2015

Marketplace Flash Sale: Caves, Fire, and Steampunk!

By Jon Jones

Happy Monday, everyone! It's time for our first FLASH SALE! We selected some of the best high-end items on the Marketplace to give a quick deep discount on so you can see the breadth, depth, and functionality our content creators offer. Have a look below and buy while you can, because this sale only runs until the end of day Wednesday, May 20!

First up, we have the Luos's Modular Rocks & Caves:

Luos's Modular Rocks & Caves

This is a massive asset package containing over 450 meshes for quickly creating modular caves, gorges, and other natural, rocky environments. Check out the video demo to see its powerful customization ability!

Next we have Impromptu Fire Propagation by Impromptu Games:

Impromptu Fire Propagation by Impromptu Games

Impromptu Fire Propagation is an incredibly customizable Blueprints system for realistically spreading fire across staticmeshes, landscapes, and BSP. Definitely one of the most unique offerings we have on the Marketplace right now. Check out the video to see it in action!

Finally, we have Steampunk Airship by Jerome Pourchier:

Steampunk Airship by Jerome Pourchier

This is a beautiful pack of over 190 assets and a demo level for constructing a large, beautiful, animated steampunk environment. This is a great example of extremely high-quality modularity within a very appealing style. Check out the screenshots!

Go buy these while you can, because the sale closes end of day Wednesday, May 20! As always, don't forget to check out the Marketplace public Trello board to see what's coming soon and to vote on what you'd like to see on the Marketplace. Until next time!