Marketplace Content Release

By Deke Waters

This week on Marketplace, we're adding some essential building blocks to help you build your next game.

Starting from the ground up (literally), developer Yughues is offering his Ground Materials Pack with 43 high-res materials, including 1024x1024 textures with diffuse, normal, specular, and roughness. See https://nobiax.deviantart.com for more Yughues resources. 

Looking a little farther into the distance, Manufactura K4 is releasing a pack of Background Mountains. These are excellent additions to any distance vista and background.

When it's time to add characters to your game, you're going to need animations. Be sure to check out the huge set of 130 animations from developer Kubold this week. Movement Animset Pro includes motion-captured animations for walking, running, sneaking / crouching, jumping, fist-fighting, plus all the transition animations you'll need for your characters. 

And when you're ready to add weapons, Critical Gameware put together an exhaustive Blueprint that helps quickly add weapon switching to your game. Using this Blueprint, you can add weapon switching with keyboard or mouse, weapon equip on pickup, and weapon upgrading. Be sure to download the Weapon Equip System for your next project!

Movement Animation Set - Kubold

Movement Animation Set - Kubold

Weapon Equip System - Critical Gameware

Weapon Equip System - Critical Gameware

Yughues Ground Materials - Yughues

Yughues Ground Materials - Yughues

Background Mountains - Manufactura K4

Background Mountains - Manufactura K4


Be sure to check these out, and as always, let us know if you’d like to see anything specific on the Marketplace.

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