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By Deke Waters

This week we're sending out a few great asset packs related to roads, streets, and paths, with a super cool Cel Shader Pack thrown in for good measure!

If you're looking for great assets to build road, street, or path related scenes, we think you'll be pleased with this week's offerings. First up, we have the beautiful Roads & Paths pack from Gametextures.com. We applied this pack of assets to our own Landscape Mountains map, and the results were amazing. Use this pack to create highways, paths, walkways, cobblestone streets, dirt roads, and more!

Once your road is in place, you're going to need some signage and other set dressing. Luckily C-Media, PhloxieCorp, and Adrian Kostka have you covered! C-Media provides 27 of the most commonly used US road signs in the Road Sign Pack Ed. 1. Adrian Kostka's Street Barrier with Substance pack gives your 20 barriers that have fully changeable Substance Materials, giving you a ton of options for changing the look of these barriers in any way you like.

Once the road is set, you'll want to add some environmental hazards to any off-road explorers. That's where the Sculpted Rock Pack by PhloxieCorp can help. Use this collection of six sculpted and realistic rocks to keep people on your paths or use them however you see fit!

And finally, for something completely different, download and apply Justin Cook's Advanced Cel Shader Pack to give your projects a unique, cel-shaded look. With over 40 shader controls, drawing style presets, landscape and water shaders, you can give your entire world a fresh new look in minutes!

Weapons and Props:
C-Media Signage Pack Ed. 1 - C-Media

C-Media Signage Pack Ed. 1 - C-Media

Sculpted Rock Pack - Danny Kauer

Sculpted Rock Pack - Danny Kauer

Materials and FX:
Advanced Cel Shader Pack - Skull

Advanced Cel Shader Pack - Skull

GameTextures Roads & Paths - Gametextures.com

GameTextures Roads & Paths- Gametextures.com

Street Barriers with Substance - Adrian Kostka

Street Barriers with Substance - Adrian Kostka


Be sure to check these out, and as always, let us know if you’d like to see anything specific on the Marketplace.

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