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By Deke Waters

We're adding new props, materials, and sound FX this week, and don't forget to grab the Prototype Characters and Weapons - sale ends soon!

We have another awesome pack of materials by Yughues. This set - titled Manmade Materials - consists of PBR friendly, ready-to-use materials and 1024x1024 textures. Grab it today to add to your collection of materials!

We're releasing two sets of high fidelity props this week. First up is a nice set called Realistic Rocks Vol. 1 by CGMontreal. This is a really nice set of rocks - 3 big rocks, 4 small rocks, 2 groups of small rocks, and ground (gravel) material. According to CGMontreal, these rocks "can easily be used as background cliffs" - but we think they look great up close as well. Add them to your collection today. 

We're also releasing the Urban Interior Props Pack 01 by Game-Ready. Fill out your interior scenes with beds, sinks, toilets, tables, stools, pipes, bathtubs and more with this set of 56 urban interior assets, perfect for old apartments, basements, attic spaces, and more.

Rounding out the week's offering, we have two sound FX packs from Levan Nadashvili. The Soldier Footsteps Collection and Real Weapon Sounds Collection should complete your combat or military themed project nicely. Download all these great packs today on Marketplace, and don't forget to take advantage of our Prototype Asset Sale, ending November 19th!

Sale Items:
Prototype Characters

Prototype Characters - Ying Pei Games 50% OFF until Nov 19th - regularly $20

Prototype Weapons - Adia Entertainment

Prototype Weapons - Adia Entertainment 50% OFF until Nov 19th - regularly $30

Weapons and Props:
Urban Interior Props Pack - Game-Ready

Urban Interior Props Pack - Game-Ready

Realistic Rocks Vol. 1 - CGMontreal

Realistic Rocks Vol. 1 - CGMontreal

Materials and FX:
Yughues Manmade Materials - Yughues

Yughues Manmade Materials - Yughues

Soldier Footsteps Sound FX - Levan Nadashvili

Soldier Footsteps Sound FX - Levan Nadashvili

Real Weapon Sound FX - Levan Nadashvili

Real Weapon Sound FX - Levan Nadashvili


Be sure to check these out, and as always, let us know if you’d like to see anything specific on the Marketplace.

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