March 26, 2015

Marketplace Content Release

By Jon Jones

Hi, everybody! It's Marketplace content release time. We've got some terrific environments, weapons, FX and audio for you this week! Have a look.

MOBAs are some of the most exciting, popular, and profitable games in the world today. It's what the cool kids are doing, and it so happens that we're now offering Tower Defense and MOBA by Manufactura K4 for purchase this week! It's an absolutely beautiful set of over 200 elements to construct your own MOBA or Tower Defense game. This is a vegetation-heavy pack full of trees, bushes, and much more. The package also contains 16 towers multiplied by 2 progressive upgrades for each (48 towers total) and 100 game props on top of that, all finished in a high-quality cartoon style. The demo scene in the screenshots is included to show sample usage cases. Have a look below!

This is a pack I've been eager to see released. Short Metal Clips by Alchemy Studio is a set of 45 short heavy metal clips of a few seconds' length each to be used for intros, endings, deaths, victories, and emphasizing particular moments in games. This is a really cool idea, and they sound great. Click here to hear it, because it's much better listened to than described.

Everyone needs a little magic in their life! In that spirit, I'd like to present the HD Particle Pack by DC. This is a collection of 24 high-def particle systems made for a variety of uses, and each system has 3 levels of detail set at consistent distances. The key feature of this pack is that all particle systems and modules are clearly labeled for easy edits, and that most of the systems come with Blueprints for simple spawning and movement. I'm a fan of content like this that lets you build upon existing functionality to give you even more than you expected, in addition to providing a broad base of ready-to-use effects. Click here to watch the video!

I always appreciate it when a well-exceuted pack in a different style drops into my inbox, and Tropical Island Lowpoly by BRAiNBOX is a great example. It's bright, cheerful, cartoony, and modular so you can create a lot of variation within a single environment with it. All of the objects (except water) share a single 2k diffuse map, and the pack contains terrain, water, rocks, beaches, clouds, huts, caves, boats, piers, bridges, fences, palm trees, and plants. Check out the video!

Weapon Pack: Assault Rifles by PolyPixel is a really cool set of 5 modular weapons with 8 attachments that work across all the weapons in the set, including Holo Scope, Red Dot Scope, Sniper Scope, Grip, Silencer, Bayonet, Flashlight, and Iron Sights. Even better, the textures are built with Substance, so you have a wide variety of parameters to adjust to change color, materials, add grunge, and even 6 types of camouflage. This is an impressive and highly customizable set of weapons, and it's worth a look if you're developing a game with moddable weapons and need variety.

That's all for today. Don't forget to check out the public Trello boards to vote on what you'd like to see, and to see what's coming up next on the Marketplace! Until next time...

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