March 18, 2015

Marketplace Content Release

By Jon Jones

Hello, world! We've got another Marketplace content release for you this week, with a special surprise for hobbyist tech people! Come in and take a look.

I'm pretty excited about this one! This is the Kinect 4 Unreal Introduction and Kinect 4 Unreal Example Levels by Opaque Multimedia. These are two packs that enable you to add simple to complex gameplay functionality using the Kinect 2! It utilizes the Kinect 2 Sensor and Kinect 4 Windows API to bring Kinect functionality to the Unreal Engine, and you'll see a wide variety of gameplay examples for demonstrations of the possibilities this opens up for gesture control in your own games. It's all set up using well-structured, thoroughly documented Blueprints. How cool! NOTE: These requires a Kinect, Windows 8, and the download of the free Kinect API plugin from their website.

Time to go caving! Underworld: Cave Environment by Manufactura K4 is a beautiful set of over 100 underground cave assets (with LODs!) including caves, rocks, crystals, mushrooms, and more placed in a large demo level. As usual, this is a ton of content and a great value. Go check it out!

Want your bullets to have more impact? Then come take a look at Bullet VFX Pack by Gentleman Fred FX! This is a baseline set of bullet impact effects with LODs for materials like blood, grass, concrete, dirt, electronics, grass, glass, ice, metal, plastic, sand, snow, water, wood, and a default impact. It also includes six muzzle flashes (looping and non-looping) and a bullet cartridge mesh with a looping and non-looping effect. All smoke and hard surface particles use lit materials, and the effects are a mixture of CPU, GPU, and mesh emitters depending on the surface need. This is a terrific idea for a content pack, and I encourage you to check out the video to see it in action!

Last but not least is the Scanned 3D Clothes HD by Sasha Komendant. This is a set of 13 static models of clothes based on 3D scans and utilizing PBR materials and randomizable color and dirt levels. These would be great for rapidly filling up an environment with randomized background props. Go check out this man's beautifully rendered laundry!

That's all for this week! Be sure to keep an eye on our recently revamped Public Trello board to see which Marketplace items are releasing next week, as well as voting on content you'd like to see published!