January 8, 2015

Marketplace Content Release

By Jon Jones

Happy new year, everybody! The Marketplace is back with another content release to kick off the year and set the tone for awesome things to come.

First we have the Cover Rifle Animset Pro by Kubold, a comprehensive set of 62 animations for building a rifle cover system for your projects. It's baked onto the UE4 template skeleton and has 43 aim offset poses, supports high and low covers, and has root motion and in place versions. Check out the video, because these look great!

Next we have The Bunker Package from Artur Grzegorczyn, a comprehensive set of over 100 objects including brushes, modules, props, and decals to help you build your ideal underground military bunker. This is a darn beautiful set of assets, and one of the nice touches Artur included was animated lights and fans for that extra visual pop. Go look, it's pretty!

Perhaps you're in the mood for gunplay! In that case, W3 Studios has provided 20+ Gun Impact Particles for your projectile-based bloodlust! Whether you're busting caps in dirt, water, concrete, metal, plaster, or sand, W3 Studios has you covered and then some with reactive VFX simulating realistic bullet hits for each of them! Make your bullet impacts count.

Do you find that you're in need of a good set of modern furniture to fill out your game's chic apartment areas? Then I've got some good news for you! This week TimBbo brings us Modern Furniture, a set of 101 meshes featuring beds, pillows, carpets, chairs, curtains, sofas, tables, and everything you need to flesh out interior spaces for a great price. He includes three demo scenes as well, to give you ideas of how to use them in your environments. Check out the screenshots, they're beautiful!

Now we're getting into the sci-fi zone! If you're working on a space-based game and want some fantastic skyboxes to provide epic backdrops to your world, set your phasers to "stunning" and feast your eyes on five sets of Spaceboxes from Imphenzia AB! You've got SpaceBox4096 - Dim Space, Variable Space, Dark Space, Color Space, and Mono Space. This is a terrific, very high-quality set of galactic skyboxes that would be at home in any space-based game. One particularly clever bit is that these are laid out on a box instead of a sphere to prevent the typical polar distortion you see in maps like this, and you're left with a seamless result that holds up from all angles. Each pack includes eight Spaceboxes with six seamless 4k textures, and an alternative "single texture" format for performance savings. Not only do these look great, but they were made in a smart and flexible way that people can use in a variety of ways depending on their needs. This is really good stuff.

In keeping with the sci-fi theme, here's a delightfully specific and useful set of sounds in the form of a Sci-Fi UI Sound Pack from Volkan Sahin! If you have a science fiction based game, this set of 90+ user interface sound effects will help draw in and immerse the player in the fantastic worlds you create. I think the concept of a pack focused solely on high quality user interface sounds is very clever. Don't underestimate the power of audio cues to engage your players and present a polished product that's satisfying to interact with. Give these a listen!

That's all for this week. Happy new year, it's going to be a huge one!

Cover Rifle Animset Pro by Kubold

Cover Rifle Animset Pro by Kubold

Environments and Props:
The Bunker Pack by Artur Grzegorczyn

The Bunker Pack by Artur Grzegorczyn

Modern Furniture by TimBbo

Modern Furniture by TimBbo

Materials and FX:
20+ Gun Impact Pack

20+ Gun Impact Pack by W3 Studios

SpaceBox4096 - Dim Space

SpaceBox4096 - Dim Space by Imphenzia AB

SpaceBox4096 - Variable Space

SpaceBox4096 - Variable Space by Imphenzia AB

SpaceBox4096 - Dark Space

SpaceBox4096 - Dark Space by Imphenzia AB

SpaceBox4096 - Color Space

SpaceBox4096 - Color Space by Imphenzia AB

SpaceBox4096 - Mono Space

SpaceBox4096 - Mono Space by Imphenzia AB

Sci-Fi UI Sound Pack by Volkan Sahin

Sci-Fi UI Sound Pack by Volkan Sahin