Marketplace Content Release

By Jon Jones

Marketplace content release time! We've got some terrific stuff this week, not the least of which is a beautiful, shiny new launcher. It fills more of the screen, it's faster and more responsive, and images are larger. Big props to the team behind the launcher for all their hard work! And on the Marketplace content front, we have some sweet environments, clever Blueprints, a new set of character animations, a zombie, and more! Let's take a look at the latest and greatest.

I'll be making another blog post about this very soon, but I'm happy to say that the process for submitting content to the Marketplace has been sped up quite a bit behind the scenes, shortening the time from submission to publishing. We'll always continue to improve this, and this week's batch made it to the Marketplace faster than those preceding it! More on that soon.

First we have EuropeanFurniture by TimBbo, which is a beautiful example of the realistic environments the Unreal Engine is capable of displaying. This one really must be seen to be believed! Check out the screenshots below.

Next we have an awesome example of the power of Blueprints! Here we have Modular Player Structures by Tillmann Hübner, a Blueprint-based library that allows the player to construct buildings and houses. It's perfect for survival games, or really any kind of game where the player can collect pieces and build them. The screenshots don't do this justice, so I recommend clicking here to view the video. This is really impressive stuff.

Here's another great Blueprint! Impromptu Games has released Impromptu Procedural Ladders, a Blueprint that lets you create detailed ladders of any length in seconds. It's incredibly customizable with adjustable ladder length, strut thickness, rung length, distance between rungs, mesh details, unique bottom/top meshes, rung roll, and more. It comes with a variety of its own detailed ladder meshes with PBR materials, and it's also easy to set up to use your own assets. (Note: This is not a climbing system.) The video showing how to use it is a fun and oddly satisfying watch. Click here to see Impromptu Procedural Ladders in action!

Here's another great set of animations from Kubold. This week we have Pistol Animset Pro, the latest set in his excellent series of character animations for sale on the Marketplace. This set features 71 motion captured animations and 18 Aim Offset poses, which is everything you'd need to build a third-person character with pistol movements to your game. Kubold's work is of a consistently terrific quality. Click here to watch a video!

Our jaws dropped when we got this submission recently. This is nature package by SilverTm, a pack designed to quickly and easily create high-quality vegetation. It includes various models of trees, pine trees, flowers, and stones spanning 78 meshes, 3 base materials, 32 instanced materials, and 57 textures ranging in size from 256x256 to 4k. This is a beautiful pack that would be at home in virtually any game featuring outdoor environments. Check out the screenshots below!

T-Pose is back with more undead goodness! Here is the Zombie2 "Crawler" by T-Pose, a fully-animated legless crawling horror with 48 custom motion captured animations and wide material customization options including changing color, normal map intensity, and decay appearance using sliders, and you can also swap out a t-shirt or a mullet. As a bonus, this entire animation set is compatible with T-Pose's other Zombie1 pack. This is top notch stuff. Check out the video!

That's all for this week. Lots more goodness is coming up. As a reminder, there won't be a content release on the week of February 18 due to store maintenance.

Pistol Animset Pro by Kubold

Pistol Animset Pro by Kubold

Zombie2 'Crawler' by T-Pose

Zombie2 "Crawler" by T-Pose

nature package by SilverTm

nature package by SilverTm

EuropeanFurniture by TimBbo

EuropeanFurniture by TimBbo

Impromptu Procedural Ladders by Impromptu Games

Impromptu Procedural Ladders by Impromptu Games

Modular Player Structures by Tillmann Hübner

Modular Player Structures by Tillmann Hübner


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