Marketplace Content Release

By Jon Jones

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It's time for another Marketplace release, and we've got some great stuff for you. We're also starting to increase the rate at which we publish content! We've been doing more extensive quality assurance on every pack before release, so now not only can you expect to see more content, but it'll be even better-tested than before. Read on to see what's new this week!

First up, we have Luos's Modular Rock/Cave Pack by Luos, which is a massive set of over 450 props for building caves, gorges, and other rocky, natural environments. This contains modular cave pieces, rocks, arches, columns, floors, walls, lights, and more, all organized and categorized. The pack also includes an extremely customizable master material with 210+ material instances showcasing various uses. The master material can use any arbitrary tiled textured and automatically rescales with the world scale of the mesh, which allows for fast, easy, and extremely versatile environment creation. The material also contains an easy-to-use vector blend moss or ice layer. All meshes will work with ANY seamless texture. All of the contained 30 texture sets (each containing Albedo, Roughness, and Normal maps) textures are provided at 4096 resolution, some additional props have lower resolution textures. Additionally, the package contains 24 new sounds with sound cues, 4 new material functions, 4+ decals, and much more! Also included are 6 showcase levels. Overall this is an impressive and thorough set, and I recommend watching the video to see how easy it is to create these environments. Nice stuff, and one of the highest-voted submissions we've ever had on our public Trello boards!

Here's another example of the impressive power of Blueprints! Persistent Graphics Menu by Kerem Horzum is a blueprint-only method allowing control over a wide variety of graphic settings, including Resolution, AA, View Distance, Shadow Quality, Effects Quality, PostProcess Quality, Texture Quality, Res. Scale, HZBOcclusion, Vsync, Motion Blur, Bloom, SSAO and Screen Mode. They are made so that they inherit their relevant values according to the scalability reference when a used option is effecting another (post process effecting bloom for example) so everything can be safely used with one another. The system allows users to choose which options to utilize in this menu so in case they want manual control over certain options they are free to do so with one click. All of it is nicely commented, laid out and tooltipped for ease of implementation and understanding. Here's a helpful video demonstration showing its uses.

Are you surrounded but zombies but awkwardly unsure of what to do about it? Have a look at Zombie Melee Weapons by Jeong Seong-Kyo, a set of 9 high-quality melee weapons for zombie games. Bash in brains and cleave rotting sternums in twain with a baseball bat, axe, crowbar, pipe wrench, sledgehammer, hatchet, knife, golf club, and shovel. These are set up with PBR materials at 2k resolution and includes old and bloody texture variations, and each model has 2 LODs. Become the blood-soaked master of your own zombie apocalypse today!

Even a post-apocalyptic wasteland needs some kickin' music, and Badlands Music Pack 1 by Michael La Manna is here to fit the bill. This pack contains a hybrid of western, industrial and electronica-styled music, included are ambient tracks perfect for driving around in a post apocalyptic wasteland and tension tracks designed for combating hordes of mutants. The main tracks are broken down into sub loops to give the user a broader spectrum of music. Click here to listen to samples!

We've published a lot of great visual content and Blueprints recently for games set in outer space, and now it's time to set it to music! Deep Space Music Pack 1 by Echospawn Studios is over 20 minutes of seamless looping music spread across 10 tracks for you to explore the outer limits of your virtual universe with the immersive audio of deep space. Click here to listen to samples!

Short Metal Loops by Alchemy Studio is a set of 16 looping heavy metal clips set up as complete start-to-finish clips, an intro leading into a loop, the loop itself, then an end point to finish the loop. It sounds great, and it's all set up and ready to go in UE4. Click here to listen to samples! It's a clever and well-executed concept.

Do your game's hellish beasts lack a certain oomph? Crank up your speakers, turn out the lights and have a listen to Monster Screams by Alchemy Studio! This pack has 57 voices and screams for a number of fantasy creatures, including zombies, trolls, dragons, orcs, ogres, animals, and all type of hellish monsters. Click here to listen to samples!

That's all for this week, everybody! As always, don't forget to check out what's coming next week and vote for what you'd like to see on the Marketplace on our public Trello boards!

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