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By Jon Jones

Hi everybody! It's time for another Marketplace release. We have nine new Marketplace items for you this week! We've got a fully-realized high quality weapon, stylish color lookup tables to give your game a great look, and sci-fi music! We're also experimenting with a new Marketplace release blog format that's more visually appealing, and we'd love to hear what you think in the comments. Also, don't miss our new sale! Sci-Fi, particles, and materials ahoy! These will only be available until April 28, so get them while they're hot!


Weapon Pro Pack - M4A1 by TopDigital Inc.

Weapon Pro Pack - M4A1 by TopDigital Inc.

I've been excited to finally publish this one! This is an incredibly high-quality M4A1 assault rifle that's ready to plug in and work with first-person shooters, along with its associated Blueprints. It features first-person animated arms, a reload animation, a fully functional scope, muzzle flash, spent bullet cartridges, bullet decals, audio, and 4 different paint styles. This is a remarkably complete package and looks like it's straight out of a AAA shooter. Check out the video to see what I mean!


Impromptu Games is back with Impromptu Procedural Handrails!:

Impromptu Procedural Handrails by Impromptu Games

As is their custom, Impromptu Games are back with another terrific Blueprint that makes life easier -- procedurally! With Impromptu Procedural Handrails, you can quickly create detailed, highly customizable handrails of any length and propotion in seconds. It's as simple as clicking and dragging. You can use the enclosed meshes or substitute your own, and easily customize whether you want struts or balusters, unique strut meshes for the start and end of the railing, distance between struts, number of balasters per rail segment, randomise yaw of struts and balusters, offset the locations and scales of every type of part, change the height of the rail and have everything scaled accordingly, and more. Here's a video demo showing what this pack can do. Great stuff as always!

Barrel Generator by Anton Miroshnikov:

Barrel Generator by Anton Miroshnikov

I love seeing the clever things people do with Blueprints! This is a great example of a simple, well-designed Blueprint for creating barrels of nearly infinite varieties. With the included parameters you can quickly and easily adjust color, paint type, how much paint has been scraped off, gloss level, the amount of dirt or liquid on it, and even add decals. Basically, if your game has more than one barrel, Barrel Generator has everything you will ever need for an endless, non-repetitive variety. Check out the video!


Realistic Grass 1 by James Yates

Realistic Grass 1 by James Yates

The grass really IS greener on the other side of the fence! This package contains 18 photorealistic grass meshes with which to populate your environments, and it includes optimized materials and 3 LOD levels. Even better, the grass is set up not only with wind, but it can react to a character moving through it, and the intensity and radius of the effect is customizable. Here's a video showing the grass in action. Nice work!

Lockers Pack vol.1 by Game-Ready

Lockers Pack vol.1 by Game-Ready

Everybody loves lockers! How else would you lock up your valuables? Game-Ready has you covered. This is a set of 4 openable and closable lockers of different sizes, 4 locks, and 4 prop items (gold, cash, and a weapon) to keep safe inside them. Why store your fat stacks of cash anywhere else?

Textures \ Materials:

Color Grading - Super Pack by Art of Lee

Color Grading - Super Pack by Art of Lee

This is a great-looking pack of 56 color lookup tables that emulate various physical color reproductions like Analog Film Stock, Digital Cameras, Prints, Infrared, and may more. They're based on real-world data from manufacturers, old style print photography methods, and others. This is a great way to give your game any one of a number of striking, unique looks.

38 Architectural textures by Alexsandr Kyznetsov:

38 Architectural textures by Alexsandr Kyznetsov

This is a set of 38 beautiful PBR textures at 2k resolution, each texture featuring diffuse, roughness, specular, normal, and height maps. This set contains 13 stone materials, 13 brick materials, 5 pavement materials, and 7 roofing materials. Check out the screenshots, because these look great!

Let's go texture things outside! Here's 32 Seamless Materials by MaxStudios:

32 Seamless Materials by MaxStudios

Do you have massive outdoor spaces that need to be covered with seamless tiling textures? Look no further! MaxStudios has your back. Here we have 32 unique materials at 2k resolution with diffuse and normal maps that are also set up for bump mapping and DX11 tesselation. Each material has Feature Level Switches to quickly switch between different target platforms, which is a nice touch if you're targeting more than one type of platform. Each material also features Detail and Macro textures that blend in on a large scale to break up repetition even more effectively. This is a very smartly-designed pack that would be useful to a wide variety of games with large-scale outdoor environments.


Sci-fi Ambient Music Pack by Taylor Brook Music

Sci-fi Ambient Music Pack by Taylor Brook Music

In space, no one can hear you scream. But that doesn't mean you can't crank up some moody ambient tunes! This is a pack of 8 looping ambient tracks to add an immersive and cinematic punch to your sci-fi game, running the gamut from terror to awe so you can punch in just the right emotion for your game. Click here to hear samples!

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