April 2, 2015

Marketplace Content Release

By Jon Jones

Greetings, everyone! Here's this week's Marketplace release, it's a great week for new content, especially because we've finally released the assets from our open world Kite demo at GDC! Even better, we're releasing that GDC demo content for free. This is the absolute highest quality standard of physically-based rendering materials currently on the Marketplace. Read on!

I'm very proud to announce we're releasing the assets from the open world Kite demo you may have seen at GDC. That's right, they're available now and it's a free download. Behold the Open World Demo Collection from Epic Games. The larger assets in this pack including rocks, ground tiles, cliff faces and tree trunks were reconstructed from a large number of photographs using a process called photogrammetry. Click here to view a blog post giving detail on how these assets were constructed. I recommend reading it because it's a fascinating process. This is the absolute highest quality standard of physically-based rendering currently available on the Marketplace. It's incredible, beautiful, and free, and everyone should download it and learn from it. Enjoy!

Welcome to the jungle! We make video games. This week we open with the Tropical Forest Pack by Manufactura K4, a pack containing dozens of authentic species of tropical palms, trees, and plants, all equipped with an adjustable wind effect. Also included are ground textures, cliffs, trunks, foliage, and more, for a well-rounded set of assets for building low-poly tropical environments. There are 34 different species of palms and trees plus variations for a total of 88, 24 types of smaller plants and bushes, 12 old stumps and roots, 6 seamless ground textures, 4 types of grass for foliage editing, 2 types of cliffs, an overview scene, and a demo level with internal post-processing. Check out the screenshots below!

Impromptu Fire Propagation by Impromptu Games is a recent submission that received an enormous number of votes in a short amount of time, and if you watch the video demonstration you'll see why! If you think fire is awesome and like to see things catch on fire, a LOT, then this is the pack for you. It's created entirely in Blueprint and can realistically spread fire across static meshes and BSP. There are a large number of controllable parameters including grid size, wind, area-specific fire behavior, and includes a fire-spreading projectile and a sample exploding barrel that catches fire, burns, explodes, and creates another FireGrid to keep spreading fire. Really cool stuff and a great example of the power of Blueprints.

If you're looking for a modular environment with props to expand a spooky real-world environment for your game, have a look at the Abandoned Hospital Pack by Hardsuit Labs. Who doesn't love creepy abandoned hospitals? This pack features modular walls, ceilings, floors, stairs, and balcony meshes as well as decorative props to use in constructing an abandoned hospital interior space, for 207 game-friendly assets in total and a demo map showing off their use. Nice stuff!

I've been watching this one develop and I'm glad to finally release it. The Planetarium Planet Blueprint by MaxStudios is a Blueprint that allows you to easily create earth-like planets with a wide array of convenient controls. It's based on heightmaps and uses input data for continents, hills, and oceans along with masks for cities and deserts. The complete texturing for the planet is driven by the heightmap and everything can be edited and adjusted within the Blueprint, so there's no need to edit materials. You can control the atmosphere, cloud distribution, use animated normal maps for coastal and ocean waves, and dynamic clouds will form over oceans and dissolve over land masses. The source artwork is at 4k resolution and the materials allow for procedural details that allow the visual fidelity to hold up at a distance or in a low orbit. There are several example height maps and source textures included, and even has a fully procedural version that requires no artist input. There's a lot you can do with it, and the video is worth watching to see everything you can do.

What's not to love about a dark, moody, technological dystopia? MX-Cyber Punk by yellaUmbrella Music fits the bill and sets the tone of a bleak underground side of an informational-based technological world with 28 audio tracks and 10 sound cues, each cue containing a full mix and an underscore or light version. Click here to have a listen!

I've been looking forward to this one! Color Grading - Social Filters by Art of Lee is a series of color lookup tables to emulate the look and feel of some of the world's most popular photography styles. This is a reasonably-priced way to experiment with a really cool, stylized color filtered look for your game, and I recommend taking a look at the screenshots. There's more like this on the way, so stay tuned and enjoy this in the meantime!

That's all for this week! Don't forget to check out what's coming next week and vote on content you'd like to see on the Marketplace on our Public Trello submissions voting board! Until next week...