Marketplace Content Release

By Jon Jones

Hi everybody! We've got a nine great new packs for our Marketplace content release this week. Spline-based ropes and cables and hoses, vehicles, animated bloody spray, 2D sci-fi shooter art, medieval fantasy music and more! Come on in and have a look around.

20 AAA PBR Nature Mats by Real Surfaces is a batch of extremely high-quality tiling materials based on real-world physical scans and carefully adjusted by hand. Everything comes with Albedo/diffuse, Normal, Roughness/Microsurface, Specular, AO, and Height/Parallax maps. The package includes 1 PBR test scene, 1 parent material, 2 material instances, 4 rock textures, 4 grass textures, 4 dirt/ground textures, 4 tree bark textures, and 4 other assorted nature textures. This set is beautiful and worth a look!

Here's an awesome example of the flexibility and power of splines! Ropes - Cables - Hoses by PurePolygons will let you click, drag, and draw over 30 different types of ropes, hoses, and cables to add to your levels. You can adjust the tiling of the texture, the rope tesselation, the sci-fi light color, cable colors, and pulsing\flickering lights within the material instances and update in realtime. Fill out your sci-fi hallways, industrial shipyards, medieval castles, and more! Better yet, you can swap out the existing art with your own models and textures to use the same functionality. I'm a big fan of this one, and I know a lot of people in the community have been eager to see it released. Watch the video to see how easy this is to use!

Is this real life or fantasy? In this case, it's both! Medieval Fantasy Audio Bundle by Evil Mind is 205 high quality music loops, ambience loops and sound FX, both isolated and premixed, fully set up and ready to use in the Unreal Engine for all of your medieval audio needs. Click here to listen to samples!

I've been looking forward to this one! Animated blood spray decals by msSteel is perfect for any horror or zombie game, or really anything involving blood at all. It consists of 8 flipbook textures of 100 frames each at 4k resolution, and just looks really cool. Check out the video to see what I mean!

Do you like things that go vroom in the night? Have a look at Vehicle Pack Vol.1 by Polypixel, a set of 5 custom-designed vehicles including SUVs, sedans, and compact hatchbacks. Each car comes in three versions: rigged, standard prop, and one with movable doors, hoods, and trunks. Best of all, the cars are built with Substance Designer, giving you an incredibly high degree of control over the materials, as well as being equipped with an advanced UE4 car material for even more customization. All the vehicles comes with full LODs and adjustable texture resolution, so they'll work on both desktop and mobile. This is a great feature-rich content pack with a lot of value for any game featuring cars in any capacity. Watch the video demo! NOTE: This content pack requires the free Substance Plugin from Allegorithmic.

Real Rocks vol. 2 by Motuproprio is a set of 22 high-quality rocks following a real morphology and features custom collision, LODs, and instanced materials with a parameter to add snow on the surface. These rocks rock! Check out the video.

Here's something the community has been wanting for a while -- Pie Menu by TheDev! This is a circular pie menu for use in selecting weapons or items, much like you see in console games. Hold down a key, mouse over what you want to select, and release the key. This will be very handy for quick item switching in fast-paced games. Here's a video showing it in action!

Need some floating space rocks to keep you company in the cold depth of space? Have a look at Asteroids by Gargore, a set of of six asteroids with 4K textures and LODs. Check out this nifty realtime 3D preview on Sketchfab!

At last, we have another batch of content for 2D games! Take a peek at 2D SciFi Shooter by Quadra, a pack of 2D side scrolling art designed to help you get started with your own 2D game. The included Blueprints will show you how to create and edit AI behaviors, animations, and level saving for you to apply to your own projects as well. This pack contains 2 playable levels with boss fights, 88 Blueprints, 3 skeletal meshes, 122 materials/material instances, 223 sprites, 336 textures, and 12 sprite flipbooks. Get started on your 2D sidescroller today!

That's all for this week, folks! As always, be sure to check out our public Trello voting board to see what's coming up next week and to vote for the Marketplace content you'd like to see! Until next time, happy developing!

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