September 10, 2014

Marketplace Content Release

By Deke Waters

We’d like to start with a big “THANK YOU” for making our Marketplace launch a success! We’re excited to see all the activity so far, and look forward to seeing where you take the Marketplace next. That said, we’re working hard to make the process for submitting content and the experience of using the Marketplace better, so please continue reaching out to us through our Forums and AnswerHub.

Now on to this week’s releases!

Today we’re releasing 14 new asset packs. These packs consist of Characters, Environments, Materials, Weapons, Audio, and even some more 2D content. Here’s the full list:


Military Character Dark – Adia Entertainment

Zombie Crew Bundle – BitGem3D

Sci-Fi Creatures Pack - Protofactor

Sci-Fi Robots Pack - Protofactor


Military Weapons Dark - Adia Entertainment


BitGem3D Stylized Materials - BitGem3D


Medieval 2D Art Bundle – Evil Mind

Top-Down Interiors – Manufactura K4


Puzzle Audio Bundle – Evil Mind

Asian Audio Bundle – Evil Mind

Level Kit - Once Upon a Platform - Imphenzia

Level Kit – Nostalgia Dubstep - Imphenzia

Level Kit - Lift Me Up Platformer - Imphenzia

Electronic Energy Volume 1 - Imphenzia


Be sure to check these out, and as always, let us know if you’d like to see anything specific on the Marketplace.