Spectrum Galaxy | Julio Juarez

Marketplace Black Friday Sale: over 15,000 products—up to 70% off

Unreal Engine Marketplace Team
It’s time for our biggest sale of the year: the Black Friday mega-sale! Over 15,000 Marketplace products are now discounted at up to 70%, but only for a limited time—so if you’ve been wanting to try something new, now’s your chance.

We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites below to get you started, but there’s much more available including systems, props, characters, environments, effects, sounds, music, and Blueprints.

As always, remember to act quickly. These discounts end on November 30 at 11:59 EST. Happy shopping

Raijin God of Thunder | Willpowaproject

Unreal Engine Marketplace Black Friday 2022 Raijin
Bold and blue, this realistic God of Thunder includes an Epic skeleton and 12 animations that can quickly help you insert a little terror (or awe) into your project.

Dynamic Sword Animset | Blueisland A

Unreal Engine Marketplace Black Friday 2022 Dynamic Sword
You’ve got your sword. You’ve got your shield. How about 156 different battle motions that will help you attack, damage, roll, and dash at a moment’s notice? Well, you do now.

8k Earth-Like Planets | Mathew81

Unreal Engine Marketplace Black Friday 2022 Earth Like Planets 2
Create your own galaxies with this photorealistic planet pack! Pick from nine different worlds or even play around with a few of our own classics (Earth, Moon, Sun, etc.). Each celestial body is also a Blueprint that comes with all the necessary components (planet sphere, clouds, and atmosphere) you need to win the space race.

Spectrum Galaxy | Julio Juarez

Unreal Engine Marketplace Black Friday 2022 Spectrum Galaxy 2
Need a change of space? This out-of-this-world AAA-modular environment is packed with architecture, customizable PBR shaders, foliage, lens flares, IES profiles, and more.

Sci-fi Samurai Robot | Dspazio

Unreal Engine Marketplace Black Friday 2022 Sci Fi Robot
Let’s cut right to it. This ultra-detailed character is perfect for sci-fi-themed projects, with loads of features to customize the look and feel, and enough high texel density to keep you covered—even on dramatic close-up shots.

Modular Apartment Interior | Replex

Unreal Engine Marketplace Black Friday 2022 Modular Apartment
You can arrange this apartment however you like and it’ll still look good. Whether you’re brainstorming looks for a new condo development or need that final element for an interior, this pack will start you off right.

Fishing Village | M3D

Unreal Engine Marketplace Black Friday 2022 Fishing Village
Designed for AAA-level games, this highly-detailed asset is also perfect for visualization. It looks so real, you might even catch something!

Advanced Progression | Ericho

Unreal Engine Marketplace Black Friday 2022 Advanced Progression
What would the world come to if stats weren’t tracked? Chaos! Here’s an easy way to keep progressive tabs on big-ticket items like health, stamina, mana, energy, and more.

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