March Unreal Engine Marketplace sale: get 50% off over 2,000 products

Winter Environment - Nature Pack | ANGRY MESH
Haunted mansions, armored knights, and a rain-soaked lake town help make up March’s Unreal Engine Marketplace sale. You’ll find things like the one-stop Easy Survival RPG kit, a modern sci-fi office, a fantasy town, winter woods, and fog in the month’s sale. And all of that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Look over the roughly 2,000 Unreal Engine Marketplace products that are currently 50% off to find the environment, plugin, prop, character, sound, music, Blueprints, and more that best fit your needs.

Now’s the time to grab some amazing creations at an amazing price.
We recommend bundling up for this one. Drop into the snow-frosted trees and the gray skies of winter using this highly-customizable nature pack. Not only does this pack include 4K textures for landscape, trees, bushes, and props, it also comes with 10 foliage procedural spawner presets which you'll be able to check out right away with any of the four example maps available. 
Part of the Skyfall Restoration Complex, this sci-fi office features modular environment architecture, loads of customization possibilities, advanced master materials, and 19 Blueprints. You can grab any object in the office with physics enabled to move and rotate it. There’s definitely enough room to throw an office-wide futuristic pizza party.
With this post-processing visual effect, you'll be able to layer different colors to create stunning and unique atmospheres, whether they are stylized or realistic. This pack comes with a Forest Example Map, so you'll be able to practice editing this effect in real-time right away.
Would you spend a night here for a dare? Come closer and take a look at this fixer upper: a horror mansion package complete with a collection of more than 700 assets and a demo scene ready to explore.. Use it to breathe a little dread into your horrific ideas.
This set of armor was designed based on surviving examples of full plate equestrian harness from the 16th century and has been rigged to Epic skeleton. It even comes with a decorated shield and three historically accurate melee weapons: a longsword, a warhammer, and a mace. Pop them into your creation to add a bit of dashing medieval flavor to your experience.
Bring your fantasy setting to life with the Fantasy Field Pack. It includes a complete pack of foliage, rock, and modular village building assets as well as medieval style props. There are also time of day and weather Blueprints thrown in to give your fantastic creation a bit of vibrant dynamic lighting.
Packed with more than 400 Blueprints and about as many animations, this kit has everything you need to develop your own game, be it multiplayer, role-playing, adventure, or more. It’s got advanced player customization, ranged weapons and magic systems, skill tree and character leveling support. Heck, there’s even a fishing system. With nearly 900 sounds, 200 textures, and 200 materials, this kit easily lives up to its name.
The rain-soaked timber of this lake town delivers an evocative, easily customized look for your next game. The buildings each have varied details on all sides, making it easier to customize the look of your medieval-styled lake houses. There’s also a raining snow post process material and ability to enable and adjust a ground snow effect.
Are you looking to build a sprawling landscape, but you aren’t sure where to start? Use this editor code plugin to create procedurally generated terrain populated with thousands of natural meshes and actors, using the assets you already own. Modifiers enable you to tweak the look of the creations with rules that can help make the terrain fit your vision.
That’s it for now, and as always, remember to act quickly. The discounts end on March 21 at 9:59 AM EDT.

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