Make Great Games, Win Great Prizes! Join Our Summer Game Jam

By Alexander Paschall

Each season, the Unreal Engine team hosts the #ue4jam, an online game jam designed to give developers a chance to polish their skills while competing for awesome prizes.

The summer #ue4jam officially starts Thursday, June 29th, at 2PM ET. That's when we’ll announce the theme during our regularly scheduled live broadcast on TwitchFacebook or Youtube. This year's #ue4jam will draw to a close on Tuesday, July 4th at which point we’ll stop accepting new submissions.

Participants will spend five days diving into the tools while entering their games for a chance to win prizes in various categories such as Overall Visuals, Unique Use of Theme, Fun Factor and more.  

We want to thank our generous partners at Intel, SideFX, Assembla, C-Media, Kubold, Synty Studios and Luos Arts who are providing awards to winners and services to contestants.

Full details about the event and instructions on how to pre-register can be found on the announce thread on the Unreal Engine forums. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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