Implementing Level Design with Blueprints

Make a MetaHuman and more with new Unreal Online Learning courses

What happens when you can make a digital human in minutes? Help gamers master aiming? Or speed up level designs? 

Find out with November’s free Unreal Online Learning courses. 

MetaHumans for Virtual Production

Did you know MetaHuman Creator can make performance capture-ready digital humans straight out of the box? 

In this course, you’ll learn how to do it yourself, as you prep MetaHumans for the fast-paced world of virtual production. We’ll explore MetaHuman Creator from a beginner’s perspective, moving from the UI and asset creation to final importation into Unreal Engine.

Creating a First-Person Aim Trainer

Game developers love to prototype in the Blueprint visual scripting system, as it enables rapid testing of a creative idea. In this course, we learn how to hone these skills in service of a first-person AIM trainer. Which ends up being a two-fer if you were itching to create one of those anyway.

Implementing Level Design with Blueprints

You have the level design document, now what do you do with it? With Blueprint, you can start creating scripted events and interactions between actors; integrate gameplay in a level blockout; and start determining how a player progresses through a level. Pretty cool, right? You can learn it all here.

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