February 20, 2018

Mail.Ru Games Ventures announce a strategic partnership with Epic Games for Unreal Engine developers

Mail.Ru Games Ventures (hereinafter MRGV), an investment division of Mail.Ru Group Limited, one of the largest Internet companies in Europe, announce a strategic partnership with Epic Games, creators of award-winning games and game technology, for assisting game development studios with expertise and support in development, marketing, analytics, as well as funding of the most prominent developers.
Under the agreement, Epic Games, which has licensed its award-winning Unreal Engine 4 to more than 4 million developers worldwide, will help MRGV to find the best teams for further cooperation. The selected multi-platform partner developers, curated by MRGV, will be able to apply for MRGV’s investment for scaling or developing their game projects. The financing will be made on a competitive basis through MRGV’s investment committee. MRGV-funded teams will also gain access to the division’s analytical data and tools, marketing instruments, data security technologies, and various gaming services including marketplaces.

Epic Games will provide its advisory on technological aspects of game development, including the usage of Unreal Engine, Epic’s complete suite of tools for building high-quality games across PC, console, mobile, virtual reality and augmented reality platforms.

“We are proud to become Epic Games’ companion in the creation of a global environment for enabling game developers to succeed in a rapidly changing and ultra-competitive industry,” said Ilya Karpinsky, Director of Mail.Ru Games Ventures. “Nowadays we see the unprecedented growth of game studios, and we look forward to connecting with the most talented teams to help them to create outstanding games that will shape the future of the industry.”

"We aim to give developers a competitive advantage, not only through Unreal Engine tools and technologies but also through strategic programs and partnerships designed to help them achieve their business goals," said Mike Gamble, European Territory Manager at Epic Games. "We are very pleased to come together with Mail.Ru Games Ventures to open up new revenue streams for teams creating fantastic Unreal-powered games."

As a part of the agreement, Epic Games and MRGV will also introduce educational initiatives and comprehensive events to generate professional discussion, and to share experience and best practices in game development to guide and inspire teams on their way towards creating leading-edge projects.