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Live virtual classrooms bring Unreal Engine learning to your living room

August 5, 2020
We’re pleased to announce a brand new training opportunity for Unreal Engine learners in Europe that’s completely free—for a limited time only.

We know that starting off on the road to mastering Unreal Engine can seem daunting. We understand that even after watching our Unreal Online Learning courses and webinars, you might sometimes have questions that can only be answered by talking to our experts. 

That’s why we’ve partnered with some of our key European training centers to bring you a comprehensive and virtual training solution.

Virtual training provides a unique setting for our Authorized Training Centers to deliver live, hands-on Unreal Engine training in a classroom-like environment, in your own language, and in your local timezone.
Take advantage of this new opportunity with one of our official training partners below.

Industry focus: Architecture, engineering & construction
Language: Spanish/English
Based in Zaragoza, Spain, BaboonLab's goal is to optimize their learners’ Unreal performance through training in virtual reality, augmented reality, BIM, interactive applications, simulators, and video games. 
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Escape Studios

Industry focus: Media & entertainment
Language: English
Escape Studios is a visual effects academy situated in High Holborn, London that offers Unreal Engine courses in VFX, game art, animation, and motion graphics taught by expert instructors with real-world studio experience. 
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INCAS Training
Industry focus: Automotive, architecture, game development, film
Language: German/English
INCAS Training, in operation since 1998, is a Germany-based training center with 70 locations across the country. INCAS specializes in Unreal Engine, BIM, and automotive training. They deliver open, public courses as well as tailored custom learning, both one-on-one and for private company groups.
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MacroCAD bv
Industry focus: Architecture, engineering & construction, manufacturing
Language: Dutch/English
Based in the Netherlands, and with over 30 years of experience, MacroCAD empowers design professionals in the AEC and manufacturing industries by providing tailored and flexible Unreal Engine training solutions for all stages of the CAD/BIM process.
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Prometeo Lab
Industry focus: Architecture, engineering & construction
Language: Italian/English
Based in Rome, Italy, Prometeo Lab aims to teach professionals the Unreal Engine skills needed for today’s ever-changing and highly competitive job markets in games, architecture, media and entertainment, VR/simulation, and medical research.
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These classes are designed so that complex information and techniques—including project-based learning activities—are delivered in a way that enables real-time interaction with instructors. Unlike watching a webinar replay, you can get help when you’re stuck and ask questions there and then, just like in a real classroom.

And because all training is delivered via a combination of desktop solutions, there’s no requirement to own a PC with workstation-level performance to learn Unreal Engine in depth. A basic PC, webcam, 10 Mbps internet connection, and Zoom and Parsec free client software are all that’s needed to take part. 

All sessions will deliver the same level of instructional quality and learner engagement that you would receive in a live, intensive, classroom-based setting.

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