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Learn Unreal Engine for Microsoft HoloLens 2

We are excited to announce a new learning path for the Microsoft Hololens 2, where you can learn to create mixed reality experiences with Unreal Engine. These learning resources have something for novices and experts alike, and are ready to take you on your journey to expert knowledge in developing VR experiences with Unreal Engine.
The courses in the HoloLens 2 Mixed Reality Production for Unreal Engine learning path currently include:
  • Prepare Unreal Engine for Mixed Reality Development - Learn how to configure and prepare Unreal Engine to develop HoloLens applications. 
  • Gaze and Head Interactions - Implement HoloLens eye tracking so users can interact with your software with their gaze.
  • Incorporate Hand Interactions with UX Tools - Create a natural-feeling mixed reality experience with hand interactions and interactable objects.
  • Implement UI with UX Tools and Unreal Motion Graphics - Design and build immersive user interfaces that are both engaging and easy to use, using built-in components.
  • Sound Design for Spatial Audio - Learn how to create spatial audio in mixed reality experiences in this course. 
  • Designing for Voice - Learn how to create voice-based controls for mixed reality user interfaces in this course. 
  • Mapping the Real World - In this course, you’ll learn how to capture and render a 3D representation of the world around you for MR applications.
  • Retrieving Camera Data - Learn how to understand and use data captured by the HoloLens’ PV Camera in this course. 
  • Tools & Principles for Project Optimization with HoloLens - Explore the optimization tools available to analyze mixed-reality application performance. 
  • Prepare Your HoloLens App for Submission - In this course, you’ll learn how to submit your HoloLens app for distribution on the Microsoft Store.
  • Multi-User Experiences with Azure Spatial Anchors - Learn how to use Azure Spatial Anchors to create multi-user MR experiences in this course. 

We’re always adding new content to the Unreal Engine Learning Portal. Come and find your ideal learning path, or skip around to topics of interest. Check it out today, and learn how to go from vision to reality with Unreal Engine.

Note: Localized versions of these courses will be available in mid-late January.

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