November 6, 2014

Introducing the Learn Tab

By Lauren Ridge

With the new Learn area in the Unreal Engine Launcher, our goal is to provide a home for learning resources, including written documentation, video tutorials, and training-oriented projects.

Learn Tab on the Launcher

For documentation and videos, you can jump directly to the home pages from here, and also find featured resources. There are new and updated features with each engine release, and we're always working to make it easier for you to find related training materials. Be sure to use the search bar in the upper right corner to surface information from documentation, AnswerHub, and the community wiki as well.

Launch Learn Tab Screenshot

What types of projects can you expect to find here? Many, such as Content Examples and the Matinee project, are designed to help you learn about engine features and how to use them. We also provide game examples to show how different systems work together as you build out a full game. 

Matinee Screen

Down the road, we plan to release gameplay concept examples. These projects, which are straight off the desks of Epic's developers, could be demo content from shows, results of video tutorials, or cool sandboxes for trying out new features or ideas. Think of it as an opportunity to peek over our shoulders a little bit!

Whether you prefer to learn through reading, watching, or digging into projects, there will be something on the Learn tab for you! Community contributions are also welcomed, and you can submit those the same way you submit content to the Marketplace. Keep an eye out for upcoming documentation about how to use Unreal Engine's latest training features - including in-editor help, a big bonus for any submissions.

Above all, the Learn tab is where we want to present all the tools available to you, the creator, to become even more empowered with the engine. In addition to building out the learning resources, we'd love to roll out an entire system that really helps you find the training content you need so you can keep making great games and applications!