Lean on Us!

By Joe Kreiner

Epic’s business model with UE4 means we’re vested in your success.  Take advantage of that!  The engine licensing business team at Epic has more than 100 years of game industry experience.  I have “special thanks” credits in 50 titles alone!  We’re always looking to help Unreal Engine titles succeed in many ways including:

  • Promoting your title on Epic’s social media, from Greenlight to launch.
  • Helping find a publishing partner. We talk to them all on a regular basis.
  • Linking studios up with contractor help.  Unreal Engine has a broad ecosystem of experts.
  • Advice on the most profitable platforms, and methods of getting your game to market.
  • Tradeshow opportunities, like Unreal Engine’s PAX booth.
  • Introducing you to hardware and platform partners.
  • Unreal Engine showcases, articles, and license press releases.

Now, can we promise this to everyone?  No. But keeping us informed of your progress and asking questions on either Epic’s UE4 forums or by emailing licensing@epicgames.com is a great way to start the conversation.  We’ll also be available at just about every tradeshow, worldwide, to answer questions and meet with developers. Now that Unreal Engine 4 is in your hands, we’re excited to see how we can change the games industry together!

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