Cartoon Cel Shader | Sandvector Studios

June Marketplace Sale: over 1,500 products—now 50% off

Unreal Engine Marketplace Team
This month, we have over 1,500 Marketplace products on sale for 50% off! 

Start your journey with nine handpicked selections, chosen based on our admiration for them and a sense that they might make your day better. 

But after that, check out the full sale. It has all the things that make projects go. Systems, props, characters, environments, effects, sounds, music, Blueprints—it seems unlikely you won’t discover something useful for your projects.

We hope you find something great!

Cyberpunk Ninja | Serhat’s

Unreal Engine Marketplace June 2023 Cyberpunk
The ultimate fusion of ninja stealth and cybernetic might, this rigged character is perfect for action games with a cyberpunk edge. The pack includes 12 dynamic color variations to keep them guessing about his next shadow strike.

Advanced Third-Person Camera | Alexander Shumeyko

Unreal Engine Marketplace June 2023 Third Person Camera
Want your cameras to automatically follow movement, hide objects that obscure heroes, or maybe alter themselves based on the variability of terrain? Then you’re in luck! Start managing multiple camera modes the easy way, with over 100 parameters designed to hit your game’s exact specifications.

HYDROPOLIS — Underwater City Assets | MONO3D

Unreal Engine Marketplace June 2023 HYDROPOLIS
Explore the depths with this expansive underwater environment. A perfect starting point for aqua-games, this kit offers indoor areas complete with functional elevators and doors, as well as serene outdoor areas adorned with coral, vegetation, stones, and more.

Customizable Fantasy Environment | LoftyRobot

Unreal Engine Marketplace June 2023 Fantasy Environment
Why stop at reality? Shape your next dream world using the power of Nanite and Lumen. Sky domes, volumetric fog, trees, waterfalls—this stylized environment kit comes with everything you need to make it happen.

Daily Life AI | Affordable Quality

Unreal Engine Marketplace June 2023 Daily Life Ai
Say goodbye to tedious NPC scripting and bring your characters to life with this AI Blueprint. Need NPCs to sleep, work, or hang out? It’s easy to mimic real life with this one.

Vintage SciFi Collection 1 | I.L.E.P STUDIOS

Unreal Engine Marketplace June 2023 Vintage Scifi
Make space feel unsafe with 50 mesmerizing materials. From mysterious statues to metal heads, your space crew will be begging to get back on board the ship.

Cartoon Cel Shader | Sandvector Studios

Unreal Engine Marketplace June 2023 Cartoon Cel Shader
Gain the benefits of cel-shading without post-processing! Inside you’ll find three cel-shader materials—opaque, masked, and translucent—and a forest demo for immediate practice. Good luck!

Garden Flowers and Herbs Pack | Greenworks Productions

Unreal Engine Marketplace June 2023 Garden Flowers
Effortlessly enhance a sunny environment with this meticulously crafted garden/herbs pack! Optimized for poly-count, it boasts an impressive array of botanical beauty, including 204 unique flowers.

Lava Shader | TristanVoulelis

Unreal Engine Marketplace June 2023 Lava Shader
Ignite your game or cinematic with the fiery allure of lava! Tap four animated shaders to dial-in everything from glow to flow maps until these moving infernos possess the right amount of danger.

That’s it for now, and as always, remember to act quickly. The discounts end on June 25 at 11:59 PM EDT.

Happy shopping!

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