June Marketplace sale: get up to 70% off over 30,000 products  

June 13, 2024
The Unreal Engine Marketplace sale for June has just begun—grab bargain prices on thousands of products while you can!
Running from today until June 20, there’s up to 70% off on over 30,000 systems, props, characters, environments, effects, sounds, music, Blueprints, and more. 

It would be impossible to call out everything on offer in one post, but we’ve highlighted nine products that caught our eye below. Check them out—there might be something just right for your next project.

After that, there’s the rest of the sale to explore.
Take one giant leap into this stunning moonbase asset pack. Complete with high-poly interior and exterior assets, the pack includes 486 meshes that are fully modular and have Nanite activated. Customize the appearance of the assets by layering up to three textures—for example, a base texture plus dirt and damage—and create your own materials by dropping in your own textures from the built-in texture library. 
Every knight in shining armor needs a trusty steed. Check out this spectacular armored horse, perfect for bearing a brave and fearsome medieval warrior. This asset comes with both rider and horse animations; seven original coat colors; three sets of body and coat markings; and custom materials for the body, hair, eyes, and tack. The realistic cloth simulation-powered caparison (cloth body covering) is a particular treat.
Perfect for fantasy scenes, this jaw-dropping botanical-style library environment even includes a Niagara-powered flying book. Dive in and explore everything you need to create a stunning library, including shelves, filing cabinets, tables, chairs, various unique lamps, and of course, books. Create hundreds of different tomes from 18 unique books and their 92 variants; easily customize the materials; and use the tiling textures to add detail to the various different assets.  
Need a way to highlight a specific location or character for players? This is the plugin for you. Written in C++ and optimized for use in games via Blueprints, the Universal MP Indicator tracks an actor or position either on screen or off screen. Trace the position of locations, NPCs, enemies, and targets, or use it for damage indicators. 
Steel your nerves and creep into the atmospheric Ithris Cemetery. A spine-tingling gothic graveyard scene consisting of 150 static meshes, this environment pack includes a modular chapel exterior complete with cemetery statues and props, rocks, vegetation, and more. Explore the pre-built scene for inspiration or dive straight in and re-purpose the assets for your own eerie horror projects.
Save yourself hours of programming with this advanced interaction system. Easily imported into UE5 projects in a matter of minutes, the Interaction System Starter Pack includes a variety of Blueprints for buttons, pressure plates, doors, physics-based and breakable items, mineable and interactable foliage, and more. 
Bring a touch of green to interior and exterior spaces with this collection of high-quality customizable houseplants and planters. With eleven distinctive shrubs to choose from, you can mix and match species, styles, and colors to complement a diverse range of decor styles. Use them in your architectural visualizations, cinematics, or—with a little texture tweaking—games. 
Build ominous environments that will send a shiver down players’ spines with this collection of horror-themed doors and associated props. Complete with more than 100 objects—including keypads, pipework, entrance signs, and more—this pack is great for everything from abandoned houses to creepy corridors. 
Create magnificent desert valley landscapes, complete with towering cliffs, plunging gorges, and mysterious caves. This asset pack of 100 meshes features cliffs, rocks, slopes, bushes, grass, cactus, water, hanging moss, and more. Stack them and combine them in an infinite variety of ways to create unique, realistic environments.
That’s it for now, and as always, remember to act quickly. The discounts end on June 20 at 9:59 AM ET. 

Happy shopping!

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