Ithris Cemetery | Rasmus Bagner

July Marketplace Sale: over 1,500 products—now 50% off

Unreal Engine Marketplace Team
This month, we've got over 1,500 Marketplace assets on sale for 50% off, so there’s bound to be something that piques your interest.

Instead of trying to distill all that down to a single post, we wanted to run through a few highlights.

This sale has systems, props, characters, environments, effects, sounds, music, Blueprints, and more, so start exploring today. You might discover the perfect fit for your next project.

We hope you find something great!

Alien Planet Fantasy Environment - Jungle Plants | Davis3D

Unreal Engine Marketplace July 2022 Alien
Make a game that’s out of this world with this alien jungle environment, which comes with interactive foliage, grass that lights up with footsteps, particle effects, and more!

Modular Wizard | Mihail Kamenker

Unreal Engine Marketplace July 2022 Wizard
Need a wise mage? No problem. This wand-erful wizard is fully rigged for RPGs with facial blendshapes and nine custom animations.

LowPoly Wild Animals | Radik Bilalov

Unreal Engine Marketplace July 2022 Low Poly Animals
Take a walk on the wild side! Download this pack to get almost 200 low-poly animals, each featuring more than 40 animations.

Photography Darkroom | Can Arikal

Unreal Engine Marketplace July 2022 Photography Darkroom
Does your hero moonlight as a staff photographer? Get started developing their skills in this photoreal darkroom ⁠— it’s the perfect environment to mask an alter ego! 

Fabric Materials - 56 4K PBR Pack | RonanMahonArt

Unreal Engine Marketplace July 2022 Fabric
The fleece looks comfy, the velvet luxurious, and the fur…pretty dang fluffy. With 56 of the most common fabric types to choose from, you’ll be outfitting characters and objects in no time.

Cabin Australia | StudioXID30 - Architectural Visualization

Unreal Engine Marketplace July 2022 Cabin
You don’t have to comb through architectural magazines for your next modern snow retreat idea. Just fire this up and relax into the cozy notion that your work is done.

Vintage SciFi character pack VOL4 Creature | I.L.E.P STUDIOS

Unreal Engine Marketplace July 2022 Vintage Creature
Whether you need a mysterious alien or next-gen soldier, this fully-rigged sci-fi character has you covered. 

Ithris Cemetery | Rasmus Bagner

Unreal Engine Marketplace July 2022 Cemetery
Build a grave new world with this cemetery environment, which includes over 150 static meshes, more than 60 props, and 100 modular pieces.

ActorCore Spunky Moves | Reallusion Store

Unreal Engine Marketplace July 2022 Spunky Moves
This pack includes 82 studio mocap animations in 780+ seconds from ActorCore for animating young characters complete with looping movement. All motions in this pack allow you to naturally blend your characters from idle, to walk, to jog and to sit. In addition, you can direct them to chat, gossip, joke around and jam with each other.

That’s it for now, and as always, remember to act quickly. The discounts end on July 17 at 11:59 EDT.

Happy shopping!

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