Join us for Unreal Indies Week 2021

Unreal Evangelist Team
We’re excited to announce our first ever Unreal Indies Week, which kicks off today and runs until Friday, April 2. Throughout the week, we will be highlighting inspiring indie teams from all around the world and will be sharing their personal passions, struggles, and victories in video game development.
"It is truly an exciting time to be an indie gamedev,” said Epic Evangelist Lead Alan Noon. “The array of tools and resources available to developers for free or at low cost is pretty mind blowing, especially when you consider that you would have to join a larger studio to get access to this type of tech in the past.

Additionally, PC and mobile platforms continue to thrive, and we're still in the early days of a console generation change over. Historically, these generational transitions have served as reset points, presenting real opportunities for indies to innovate and establish themselves for the coming years.

For our first ever Indies Week, we invited a number of innovative developers to share the insights and expertise they have gained along the course of their game development journeys, with the goal of inspiring and informing our global development community."
It is truly an exciting time to be an indie gamedev."
- Epic Evangelist Lead Alan Noon
To help equip indie developers of all experience levels, we will be sharing best practices and covering topics throughout the life cycle of game development. These stories will not only inspire you, but may teach you how to fund, distribute, and market your project. 

Each day, we will have a variety of content; from blog posts to video interviews, and livestreams, so make sure you visit our website throughout the week and follow Unreal Engine on social media for all the latest. Here’s a rundown of what you can expect:
Image courtesy of Studio Inkyfox

Monday, March 29

Inspiring indie development stories

Today, we will be highlighting inspirational stories from several burgeoning indie developers around the world including Studio Inkyfox (Omno), Chump Squad (Kine, Lab Rat), 562 Interactive (Alluris), and Sluggerfly (Ben and Ed, Ben and Ed - Blood Party, and Hell Pie).
Image courtesy of Saibot Studios

Tuesday, March 30

How to fund your indie game

On Tuesday, learn how several indie developers like Saibot Studios (Doorways, Hellbound), Myrkur Games (The Darken), Ategig (Brimstone Brawlers), Modern Storyteller (The Forgotten City), and Varsav Game Studios (Bee Simulator) got their games funded through different means.
Image courtesy of ACE Team

Wednesday, March 31

Learn how indie studios overcame technical challenges

On Wednesday, hear from indie studios ACE Team (Eternal Cylinder), Critical Failure Studio (Lost Forest), and KeokeN Interactive (Deliver Us The Moon) who have solved novel technical challenges.

Thursday, April 1

Inside Unreal: Launching Your Game

This Thursday on Inside Unreal, our evangelists will participate in a live panel discussing what it's like to own, run, and survive an indie studio.

If you're unable to make the livestream, all episodes of Inside Unreal can be viewed afterwards on-demand.

We will also have a developer interview on open-world adventure game Tchia, which is inspired by the small island of New Caledonia, where the founders of indie game studio Awaceb are from.
Image courtesy of ROTU Entertainment

Friday, April 2

Let's talk about publishing for indie developers

On Friday, learn about the pros and cons of self-publishing your game and hear from ROTU Entertainment (Rhythm of the Universe), Nodding Heads Games (Raji: An Ancient Epic), and Cellar Vault Games (Short Creepy Tales) on how they each approached the situation differently. 

    Are you developing an indie game with Unreal Engine?

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