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What a difference two years makes!

It seems like just the other day animation studios were asking us how to start moving Unreal Engine into their pipelines. Now, we are seeing incredible works coming out of Sony Pictures Imageworks, Reel FX, Untold Studios, BRON Digital, and more—all using real-time rendering as an integral part of the process.

Since then, we’ve been talking to studios about what they’ve learned (more on that later), participated in Annecy, and even dropped the full version of MetaHuman Creator. And the more we talked to people, the more we knew we needed to share what we’ve learned, so that making the leap into real-time animation not only looked doable, but freeing for studios big and small.
Mush-Mush & the Mushables © 2022 – La Cabane Productions – Thuristar – Cake Entertainment – VRT-Ketnet – RTBF Télévision belge
Enter The Future of Animation, which is a month-long celebration designed to help you get from first idea to final pixel. Next week, we’ll share real-time techniques, insider stories, case studies, and a massive new Animation Field Guide built on over 30 interviews with artists, producers, and pipeline experts for a wide view of what happens when real time meets traditional pipeline.
You’ll also learn about:
  • How La Cabane created a more eco-friendly pipeline for Mush-Mush & the Mushables
  • How Sony Pictures Imageworks used the first MetaHuman in production on Love, Death & Robots
  • How Untold Studios are working entirely in the cloud on Malanca
  • And other ways studios are approaching this exciting step forward

So follow us for the rest of June, and make sure to check out Animation Week June 27⁠–⁠July 1. In this case, we are actually saving the best for last.

And as always, if you want to get going, check out our animation hub. You can review feature sets, find inspiration in cool projects, and even access free resources like white papers and self-paced learning videos. Have fun!

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