Join us for Education Week 2021!

If you follow our news feed, social channels, or even take a gander at the Learning hub from time to time, you know we’re all about things that help people learn interactive 3D. How else are we going to get to the Metaverse? We ask you...

But we also know there’s not just one path to real time, which is why for the second year in a row, we are throwing a special celebration called Education Week. 

From October 25-29, you can explore Unreal Engine from nearly every angle. We have career and portfolio tips, project breakdowns, a special livestream (with special guests), student and educator interviews, learning resources—you name it, and it’s probably here. So no matter who you are—student, teacher, self-taught dev—you’ll find something that will help you along your journey as a creator.

And if that wasn’t enough, we are also releasing free Marketplace assets for the Education community! They’ll be free to download and use in Unreal Engine.

Got your attention? Great! 

Here’s what we’ve got going on every day.

Monday, October 25

Education Week exclusive: download your free Marketplace assets until November 1
Game frameworks, pickup sets, vehicles, dialog systems—each asset was chosen to help educators teach game design in a more interesting way. But act quickly, some of these deals end Monday.
Image courtesy of PolyNext

Tuesday, October 26

How to teach virtual production
In the entertainment world, there’s before-Mandalorian and after-Mandalorian. The impact of ILM’s revolutionary LED virtual production workflow was that big. Countless studios (big and small) are now advancing this art every day. In this story, we sit down with artists and educators in the know to talk about how schools can start building this into curriculums that will not only appeal to students, but start preparing them for life in the increasingly exciting world of real-time VFX.
Image courtesy of Framestore
How SCAD students are learning to fill real-time's rising demands 
A SCAD student has options, and they use them to work everywhere from Blizzard to Gulfstream Aerospace. Find out a little bit more about their training, as we journey into one of the 3D world's most respected universities.
Image courtesy of Savannah College of Art and Design and SCAD Games Studio

Wednesday, October 27

Take our new “Teaching with Unreal” course
Learn how to start incorporating interactive 3D into your classroom today. From navigating the UI to understanding Blueprints, this course offers a great primer for secondary educators who want to prepare students for the real-time job market.
It Takes Two | Image courtesy of Hazelight Studios
What is an environment artist?
Interested in creating immersive worlds for films and games? What about helping surgeons learn to operate, or informing the design of new cities? If the answer is ‘Yes,’ then maybe becoming an environment artist is a good choice for you.

Thursday, October 28

INSIDE UNREAL - Canvas, Tool, Playground: The Many Shades of Real Time
Game engines have burst out of the game world, opening up big opportunities in industries as diverse as architecture and film. So many, in fact, that these industries are struggling to find new talent. In this talk, “The Video Game Professor” aka Dr. Kris Alexander discusses what developers can do with this trend, using Unreal Engine as a jumping off point for game development and maybe, something more.

It’s going to be a great discussion and will include the premiere of the Fall 2021 Student Showcase!
Watch the Fall 2021 Student Showcase
Calling all employers! The next generation of Unreal Engine worldbuilders are firing on all cylinders. See what students have been cooking up in our latest showcase reel.
Image courtesy of Jean-Philippe Perrault

Friday, October 29

No tests allowed: How Breda University of Applied Sciences is helping students follow their game dev calling
At Breda University, reaching graduation doesn’t require passing any exams. With test-free teaching and an ultra-flexible practical curriculum, the university is redefining what it means to become a professional in the gaming industry. Find out more.
Image courtesy of Breda University of Applied Sciences | Team Sad Viscacha Studios
Exploring Asha: Go behind-the-scenes of a Rookie Award-winning game environment
Learn how Ember Lab's Shira Eilan taught herself Unreal Engine, and turned a futuristic final project into a calling card that launched her into the gaming industry. Plus, Shira shares tips for perfecting your portfolio and landing your dream job.
Image courtesy of Shira Eilan
Are you a student? Check out the resources and activities happening during ArtStation Student Week and be sure to upload your projects to ArtStation this week with the hashtag #UnrealStudent for a chance to be featured on their channel. Tune in for Q&A sessions to connect with educators and studios and tag your work with #gradsforhire2021 if you are interested in finding a new career opportunity.

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