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Join us for Education Week 2020

October 5, 2020
As you may already know, we celebrate the efforts of the Unreal Engine education community all year long, but today, we invite you to join us for a special week-long celebration of education and learning here at Epic. Over the next several days, we’ll highlight the work of educators, students, and self-taught developers around the Unreal Engine community, explore valuable teaching and learning resources, meet with experts in the industry, and provide guidance on developing a career in interactive 3D.

Whether you are teaching for higher education, a college student, a high school teacher, a self-taught dev, or entirely new to real-time technology—we have resources for you. 

Come back daily to learn what it takes to further develop yourself as a creator and open up endless possibilities for yourself in the industry.

Check out the upcoming schedule for the week:

Monday, October 5

RIT drives multi-field convergence and skill transfer with real-time technology

Shaun Foster is associate professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) School of Design. Find out how, with the help of an Epic MegaGrant, Foster launched a new Cinematography and Previsualization course and a new dynamic 16-week course for educators on the edX platform.
Image courtesy of Rochester Institute of Technology

Meet Someone Unreal with Katie Wright

Meet Katie Wright - the Social Studies teacher everyone wishes they had in middle school. She uses Fortnite Creative in her classroom to teach the fundamentals of social studies in an interactive 3D way. Students and parents alike are thrilled with this new age approach, creating bridges between their worlds and giving them something to talk about at the dinner table. Follow us on instagram to see her story.

Tuesday, October 6

From zero to sixty; fast-tracking with Unreal Online Learning

What do an archviz professional, a musician, and a filmmaker have in common? They’ve all leveraged the power of Unreal Online Learning to fast-track their creations. We’ll take a look at how these three professionals went from zero to sixty with Unreal Engine Online Learning, and brought their ideas to reality.
Image courtesy of Taylor Ellis | Aspn

Wednesday, October 7

Teaching and learning Unreal Engine online

Teaching and learning virtually have become commonplace around the world. Here we’ll provide some helpful tips for distance learning with Unreal Engine along with some of our free learning resources to strengthen and optimize your curriculum.
Image courtesy of Epic Games

Thursday, October 8

INSIDE UNREAL: Unreal Student Journeys and the debut of the first-ever Fall Student Showcase

This week on Inside Unreal we’ll debut the all-new 2020 Fall Student Showcase highlight reel.

We’ll also meet with some of the student teams featured in the reel to explore the journey from Unreal Engine student to industry professional. We’ll dive into what it’s like to work on a collaborative team at their school, how to finish a project under specific parameters, and what it takes to successfully ship and/or complete and promote a game. Each team will give us a demo of their project along with some tips and tricks, and we’ll talk about their career goals and aspirations.

Uplink: An award-winning UE4 game cinematic

Students from the University of Hertfordshire will discuss how they developed Uplink, an award-winning Unreal Engine game cinematic that follows an engineer and his mechanical companion on their mission through a derelict settlement on Titan.
Image courtesy of Uplink | University of Hertfordshire

Friday, October 9

Unreal Educator Livestream Series: Preparing Creators of the Future: Educator Round-Table

Join us for a round-table discussion with university educators from around the world. We’ll explore what makes their curriculum unique and tips and tricks for success in teaching our creators of the future.

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Teaching teens real-time skills with an Unreal Bootcamp

When educator Eric T. Elder was looking into designing a video game pathway for an inner-city school district, an Epic MegaGrant enabled him to set up the area’s first Unreal Bootcamp to teach real-time skills in Unreal Engine. 
Image courtesy of Compton Unified School District

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